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Testicular Atrophy Treatment

What is testicular atrophy?

Testicular atrophy is a condition that occurs in males where the testicles shrink. Once the testicles shrink, loss of function can also occur. In some cases, medications or supplements can cause the shrinkage as well as the reduction in testosterone. There are some cases where this condition can be reversed by treating the cause, and others where it cannot. When there is an issue with shrinkage of the testicles, questions regarding the causes and treatments can arise. Read below to find a few frequently asked questions regarding testicular atrophy that is answered by Experts.

Can an STD cause a man to have testicular atrophy and how can this be treated?

When a man has a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that has not been treated properly, testicular atrophy can occur. When there is an STD that has not been treated, all individuals involved will need to be treated so the STD is fully cured. In some cases, the man may need to see a specialist to treat the STD and return the testicles to proper size and function.

What tests need to be ran when there is an issue with testicular atrophy? Can hormone issues help with the shrinkage?

When testicular atrophy is present, a doctor may want to do an ultrasound of the testicles to see if there are any other issues that are causing the shrinkage. In some cases, other tests may need to be done to make sure there are no other hormone related issues. If there is a hormone issue present, the replacement of the hormones can help reverse the testicular atrophy.

Can the medication Androgel cause testicular atrophy?

The medication Androgel may cause someone to develop testicular atrophy. Some cases, the doctor may have the person stop the medication and the shrinkage can reverse.

Is testicular atrophy permanent if treatment is not working and what should be done?

When treatment to reverse testicular atrophy does not work, there may be a chance this condition is considered not reversible. Loss of function in the testis can be permanent condition. Seeing a specialist may be needed to help determine if the damage is permanent or not.

Will sperm count decrease testicular atrophy is present?

Testicular atrophy is when shrinkage in the testicles is present. When this occurs, individuals may have issues with the sperm count being low or even missing altogether. When this happens, the man may experience hot flashes or episodes dizziness.

How can one be sure if testicular atrophy is permanent or not? Are implants needed and how can this condition be treated?

When being treated for testicular atrophy and shrinkage is still occurring, this can be a sign the shrinkage is permanent. If treatment keeps the testicles enlarged, there may be a chance the treatment is working and not permanent. Some men may need to have testicular implants in order to help treat this condition. Finding the cause for the shrinkage may be the first place to start in treating testicular atrophy.

Testicular atrophy is the shrinkage of the male sex organs. The causes for this condition can vary and treatment can vary depending on the cause. In some cases, the condition can be permanent, while others may be reversed. When there is an issue with shrinkage, questions regarding the causes can arise. When these questions arise, asking the Experts can provide the answers needed.
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