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How to Care for a Terrapin

A terrapin is a smaller species of turtles that normally live in fresh or brackish water. There is not any difference between a turtle and a terrapin. However, the English language is the same for both. When someone owns a terrapin, questions regarding the care and health can arise. Read below where a few commonly asked questions have been answered by Experts.

How can an owner make sure their terrapin is healthy?

When someone owns a terrapin, the environment should be as natural as possible to maintain their health Owners may need to make sure it has a large tank, the right temperature, water and access to plenty of food. It will also need to have a source of heat to make sure they maintain the proper body temperature.

How to care for a baby slider terrapin?

First, make sure the baby has a 15-gallon tank. As the terrapin grows, the size of the tank will need to become larger. Owners need to make sure the baby has an area in the take that has both dry land and water. Heat lamps will also be needed because most of these types of reptiles need to make sure they maintain proper body temperatures.

How to care for a sick terrapin?

When a terrapin is showing signs of sickness, the owner may need to take the reptile to a vet. If the terrapin is sick, it will need to be removed from the regular enclosure in order to place them in an environment where they can stay dry and rest The vet will determine treatment.

Is a UVB light important for a terrapin and what else should the owner do to make sure it is healthy?

In many cases, when someone owns a terrapin, the owner will need to make sure that this reptile has a UVB (ultraviolet b) light as well as calcium supplements. This will generally help maintain the bones and shell. Owners may also need to make sure it has a balanced diet to make sure the reptile is healthy.

What should the terrapin tank temperature be?

The temperature should be the following:

  • Ambient air 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit  
  • Under the basking light 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • Water 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit

What happens when the temperature in the terrapin tank is not warm enough and what should be done?

When the water or air is not warm enough, the terrapin may get some form of bacterial infection. The owner needs to make sure the temperature meets the needs of the terrapin as well as antibiotics to treat any infection. 

Terrapins are a smaller form of a turtle. Its health depends on how well it is taken care of as well as the temperature in which it lives. Owing one will cause questions regarding care and health to arise. When answers to these questions are needed, the owner should ask Experts on JustAnswer for accurate and timely answers.

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