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Nissan Terrano Troubleshooting Questions

Is your Nissan Terrano running rough or hard to start? Is there a lot of smoke from the exhaust? The complexity of modern automobiles means that it is easy to misdiagnose a problem and do the wrong or unnecessary repairs. The recommendations of verified mechanical Experts will help you to diagnose your problems accurately so you can get required repairs done.

Here are a few of the questions Experts have answered.

Why does a Nissan Terrano with a VG30E engine and an RE4ROLA transmission seem to lose power between 2,500 and 5,000 rpm?

Case Details: 1st and 2nd gear are okay. The problem occurs when Drive is selected.

First, check the transmission fluid level and if low, top it up. If the fluid is dark in color or has a burnt smell, drain it out, flush the transmission and refill it with fresh fluid. If the problem remains, then it is probable that the clutch frictions are burnt out. There could also be transmission damage that may require that it be rebuilt or replaced.

Why does a 1992 Nissan Terrano TD27 intermittently go into “Limp Mode?"

Case Details: Replacing the air and fuel filters have not helped.

There are various possible reasons for this and the normal practice is to do a scan to identify the problem. That being said, among the common causes are:

  • An EGR valve issue. Check the connections to the valve. If either the vacuum pipe or the electrical connections are corroded or damaged, the valve can malfunction. Also, remove the valve itself and clean it with brake cleaner. If it is badly clogged, replace it.
  • A vacuum leak. Check the small vacuum lines to the turbo and the control solenoid on the bulkhead for any cracks or damage. Have boost pressure measured with a boost gauge to see if the turbo is working properly. If the vehicle is fitted with a variable vane turbo, also check the connections to the diaphragm and the solenoid valve for corrosion or damage.
  • Leaking high pressure hoses. Check all the high pressure hoses post the turbo(s) for any cracks, splits or damaged metal pipes. Check the ends of the intercooler as the end caps may have popped out.
  • Clogged injectors. Add a bottle of injector cleaner to the fuel tank and if that does not improve the situation, have the injectors removed and ultrasonically cleaned.

Could a failing fuel pump cause a Nissan Terrano to run fine at high revs but be rough at low revs?

This is unlikely to be a fuel pump issue. If it is a fuel supply issue the situation would be reversed; the engine would run rough at high revs when it needs more fuel. More probable is either a vacuum leak on the engine or the injectors being partially restricted. Either of these could cause the condition described.

Why is a Nissan Terrano RM50 blowing thick blue smoke from the exhaust?

Blue exhaust smoke is a sign that oil is being burnt. If the vehicle is running fine except for this, there are three likely causes.

  • The crankcase pressure relief valve is spring loaded and meant to open occasionally to release any excess pressure that may have built up. The existing gas is piped back to the inlet. If the valve should stick open, then air can be sucked out of the crankcase and oil is carried with it. Remove the air intake pipe and look inside to where the crankcase breather is plumbed. If there are signs of oil, replace the valve.
  • The oil stem seals may be worn and allowing oil to drip into the intake. Check the valves and replace the valves if required.
  • The turbo oil seal may be failing and allowing oil to enter the intake. Check the turbo to see if the seal is worn or there is radial play in the turbine wheel (a small amount axial and end-to-end float is normal). If so the turbo will have to be rebuilt or replaced.

Why does the ABS light come on and a buzzer sound when the key is turned to position 1 on the ignition switch?

Case Details: The light and the buzzer go off after a second and do not come on again until the next start.

The ABS does a self-check at each startup to ensure the system is working properly and this causes the light and sound. If the light and buzzer go off after a second and do not come on again, the system is working fine and there should be no cause for concern.

Why is a Nissan Terrano R3-MR with 100,000 miles on it hard to start in the mornings?

Case Details: The vehicle runs fine the rest of the day.

First, check the glow plug relay and the glow plug control unit. If a problem is found, replace the defective unit. If both of these are okay, check the fuel pressure by plumbing a mechanical gauge into the fuel line. If there is a problem, check the functioning of the fuel pump and also check if the fuel filter is clogged. If that too is okay, then it is likely that there is air in the fuel system. Bleeding the system to remove any air trapped in it should fix the problem. This is a common issue with diesel engines.

Why is there a vibration in a 1996 Nissan Terrano that gets worse when the auto 4WD is on?

Case Details: The wheel balance and bearings are okay.

A slight vibration that get worse when in 4WD is often caused by the front driveshaft U joints becoming very tight and not moving as they should. The vibration is due to the increased torque on the shaft. Remove the front driveshaft and try to move the U joints. If they are stuck or tight, replace them.

Whether you plan to do your own repairs or take your Nissan Terrano to a shop, it is critical to be sure of the exact nature of the problem. Without this knowledge, the wrong repairs could be done resulting in the issue getting exacerbated. The guidance of verified mechanical Experts will help to pinpoint the problem and tell you the repairs that are required. You can go online to ask questions and get customized answers to your questions in real time.

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