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Termination of Employment Questions

Termination of employment is the point where an employee ceases to work for an employer. There are two types of termination of employment. Voluntary termination and involuntary termination.

Voluntary termination of employment is when an employee leaves a company by resigning or quitting. Generally, the reasons for voluntary termination of employment include another job offer, the employee is moving, a contract has ended and the employee doesn't wish to renew, going back to school, or just ready for a change in his/her career.

Involuntary termination of employment happens when an employee is released from a company. The term is usually called being fired due to the removal of employment regardless of whether the employee wishes to stay or not. There are also various reasons for involuntary termination of employment. These reasons are usually, poor job performance, insubordination, poor behavior, and attendance. Usually the reason for termination is guided by company policy. To learn more about termination of employment, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.

I received a termination of employment letter that offers a Severance and I would like to understand my rights before I sign this since I have filed for unemployment. The employer claims that my job performance was unsatisfactory in the termination letter.

To begin with, if you sign anything that states you were terminated for unsatisfactory job performance, and that you agree with this, you probably won't be receiving unemployment benefits. Unsatisfactory job performance is a legitimate reason for termination.

It appears that your company is going to attempt to contest any unemployment claim since they have mentioned the unsatisfactory job performance in the termination letter. If you sign the letter of termination now, you can't go back at a later date and claim the letter was wrong and that your job performance was acceptable.

When you read the letter of termination, look for phrases saying that you will waive any claims against the company if you sign it. This is important if there are possibly any claims that you may have and whether you wish to waive your rights to the claims.

In Texas, can an employer legally terminate an employee because he/she has been arrested

Like most states, Texas is an "at will" employment state. This means, without a contract or a union contract that states otherwise, the employee works "at the will" of their employer. An employer can fire the employee at any time for any reason as long as the employer doesn't do so based on an unlawful reason (age, race, sex, religion, or because the employee refused to do something unlawful for the employer).

There are no laws that prohibit an employer from terminating an employee who has been arrested. The arrest could potentially reflect on the company. Also, the employer is within their rights to terminate if they wish to.

At termination of employment what is the law regarding payment of earned income to that date in Florida? I have not received compensation for hours worked and it has been 1 week since termination.

Florida state law doesn't offer much in regards to when an employee must receive their last check. Most states are very direct in providing when an employee is to receive their last paycheck. However, Florida doesn't have a clear timeline except that the person should be paid at the minimum of monthly. The common law approach would be to pay the employee on the following pay day. Regardless of when you receive your last pay check, you are by law, due those wages minus the government deductions. You may want to contact the State of Florida Agency for Workforce initiative. Someone in this agency will be able to point you in the right direction and assist you on what steps must be taken to receive your wages.

Termination of employment can affect a person's livelihood not to mention their work history when applying for another job. Usually, termination of employment occurs when the employee ends the employment or the employer ends the employment. However, there are some situations that involve unlawful termination of employment. If you find yourself in a position that requires you to sign a document or you are unsure of what to do, you should ask an Expert before doing anything.
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