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Temporary Guardianship

Why would temporary guardianship be needed?

When giving temporary guardianship over a child to another person is normally because the parent may be going away for awhile, or they are recovering from an illness or injury. A guardian is appointed by the parent or the court to provide the care for the child when the parent is not able to do so. Read below the top five temporary guardianship questions that have been answered by legal Experts.

How long can a temporary guardianship last?

Temporary guardianship could last until the child turns 18. When the child is 18 they are considered a legal adult and can make their own decisions. If the person that is requesting temporary guardianship is not blood related it may be a little harder to have the judge grant the decision.

How can someone gain temporary guardianship if they believe the parents are not capable of caring for the child due to drug abuse?

Keep in mind the temporary guardianship is usually granted when the child is removed from the home of the parents, or when the rights of the parents have been taken away. They would need to gather evidence that the parents have a drug abuse problem before the court will consider temporary guardianship. Since the person that is interested in obtaining temporary guardianship must state the reasons on why they want this guardianship the court can take their information and turn it over to child protective services to investigate the current situation and then the child may be place in foster care. To prevent the child being placed in foster care both parents must give up their rights to the child and agree to give someone else temporary guardianship.

How could someone seek guardianship for a child who is living in an abusive home?

If the person wanting to get guardianship is not the parent or current guardian their choices would be child protective services, police, sheriff, or other agencies. Parental rights are very strong and it’s very hard to get a child removed from the home of the parents without evidence of abuse. On more questions pertaining to temporary guardianship contact an Expert.

How to seek emergency guardianship over an elderly adult?

To get guardianship over another adult they would need to file for guardianship in which the state the elderly adult lives in. These types of guardianships are awarded when the adult can no longer make decisions for their medical care or financial decisions. If they have evidence from the doctor stating that the elderly adult is not in the right state of mind and the care is unreasonable then the process may move along quickly.

What is the quickest way to give a grandparent emergency guardianship of a child?

They would need to contact their local courthouse for forms to file for emergency guardianship over a minor child. The grandparent can go along when filling out the forms, and make sure that they everything the clerk tells them to, and be sure to explain that it’s an emergency situation and you want the court to take immediate action. Guardianship will give the grandparent custodial rights over the child, but doesn’t take all the rights away from the parents. The court may ask if the other parent has been informed of this guardianship so make sure the parent giving the guardianship as contacted the other parent. When talking about temporary guardianship one may not understand what their responsibilities are. Some of the responsibilities include providing the child with a home, and medical care. Also they are responsible for making sure the child is enrolled in school. Many questions arise on the topic of temporary guardianship, talk to an experienced Legal Expert to get fast and affordable answers.
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