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Temaril P for dogs

What is Temaril-P?

The medication Temaril-P is used to treat many different symptoms that a dog could have at some point in their life. Temaril-P for dogs may be able to help reduce swelling in the dog’s throat that may be caused by coughing from an infection. Another symptom that Temaril P for dogs can treat is itching and inflammation on the dog’s skin or ears; which maybe a sign of allergies or eczema. Read below where Experts have answered many questions regarding Temaril-P for dogs.

Is there any other medications that can provide relief for a sinus problem in a dog other than Temaril P and Clavamox?

For a dog that is suffering from sinus problems there are several different types of antibiotics that may provide the dog relief. Enrofloxacin may be a medicine worth trying, to help with the sinus problem. This medication is usually only given once a day, verses many other medications that may have to be given periodically throughout the day. Another option is having the dog’s nasal discharge cultured; this can help determine the best medication to help with dog’s nasal problems.

What can be done to help a dog that reverse sneezes to the point where the dog throws up?

There are some medications out there, which can help a dog with sinus problems. Temaril P is a medication that is not only a steroid but also an antihistamine. Temaril P may cause a dog to have an increase in eating, as well as drinking, but there are not really any side effects to this medication. This medication should not cause the dog to feel nauseated. The vomiting may not be caused from the sneezing, but more likely from something that the dog has eaten that has not settled well on the dog’s stomach. Another reason for why the dog may be vomiting may be that there is something lodged in the esophagus; there are many possibilities that could cause a dog to vomit. Most likely the best thing for the dog is to see a Veterinarian to have x-rays, to see if there is anything in the dog’s throat.

What can be done to help a dog that has hotspots and has already had steroid shots?

There are a couple of options for the dog; since the dog has already had a steroid shot another one should not be given. There is a medication called Temaril P that is usually given to a dog that is suffering from skin irritation such as in this case; this medication can also help with inflammation. Benadryl may also be given to a dog the normal dose is 1 milligram for every pound the dog weighs in 12 hour increments. There is a topical treatment called Betadine this may be applied around every 8 hours to the hotspot. Normally this topical can be found OTC (over the counter); the Betadine is used to dry out the dog’s skin so that the bacteria can no longer grow.

Could Temaril P cause a dog to not know that they are urinating?

The main ingredient in Temaril P is a steroid; this ingredient may cause the dog to drink much more than usual which can cause a dog to urinate involuntarily. Another option is that the dog may have a weakening urethral sphincter; this can let urine pour out of the dog’s bladder without it even knowing. There are many other possibilities that could cause a dog to urinate involuntarily such as hormone disorders, bladder stones or even nerve problems.

Steroid medications just sound scary let alone how scary they can actually be if not given correctly. Temaril P has steroids in it but this medication does not normally have side effects or reactions unlike most medications. Temaril P is usually given a dog that have skin irritations, inflammation and excessive itching. If you find that you still need more information pertaining Temaril P for dogs you can contact the hundreds of Experts.

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