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Teenage Driving Laws

Teenagers may be governed by certain laws and rules if they drive in the US. These laws may be different depending on the state and jurisdiction. Not abiding by these laws may lead to punishment and fines. It is important for teenagers who drive to be aware of the various laws that govern teenage driving. Given below are some questions about these laws that are asked by different people.

Would it be illegal for a 17 year old driver to drive past 11 pm in Wyoming?

In some cases it may be considered illegal for a 17 year old to drive past 11 pm in the state of Wyoming.

What penalty would a teenager face if they were caught driving at a speed of 97 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour zone in Florida?

If a teenager was convicted of going 97mph in a 40 mph zone, he/she may have to compulsorily appear in court. He/she may be given a fine of $1000 and may be asked to attend 12 hours of driving school. His/her license may also be suspended for a period of 1 year.

Would a teenager be automatically added to their parent’s car insurance policy in California?

The parents may have to add their teenage child to their car insurance policy in California unless the teenager has their own vehicle and insurance policy. In some cases the teenage will not automatically be added.

Would the law enforcement be required to notify the parents of a minor if he/she was involved in an accident?

The law enforcement may be required to notify the parents if their minor child was involved in an accident in New Jersey if the car or the teenager’s insurance was in the parent’s name. However, if the minor was not driving the vehicle and was just a passenger and was not injured or taken to the hospital, there may be no need to notify the parents about the accident.

Would the owner of a vehicle be responsible for any damage caused in an accident involving a teenager if the teenager did not have insurance?

If the teenager was driving the vehicle, then the owner of the vehicle may be responsible for any damage that was caused to their vehicle and the other vehicle or property irrespective of whether the teenager was related to him/her. He/she may also be liable for any injuries sustained either by the teenager or the other people involved in the accident.

What rules apply to a teenager with a provisional driver’s license?

A teenager who has a provisional driver’s license may have restricted privileges in the first year. He/she may have to be accompanied by a licensed parent, guardian or another driver who is at least 25 years of age when he/she has a person who is 20 years or younger in the car as a passenger. He/she may also have to be supervised if he/she is driving between 11 pm and 5 am in the first year. There may be exceptions to these rules. The teenager may be allowed to drive without supervision if there is a medical emergency, an activity authorized by the school, an emergency related to the individual’s employment or an emergency related to the individual or his/her immediate family members. However, in such situations, the teenager may have to carry a note signed by the teen’s physician, the school principal or dean, the individual’s employer or the individual’s parent or legal guardian respectively.

Many times teenagers may get excited about driving and commit traffic offenses and violations. Sometimes these offenses can cost them their driver’s license. Different parts of the United States have put forth various laws and rules in order to make sure that teenagers do not commit these traffic offenses. You may ask an Expert if you have any questions or need information about these rules and regulations.
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