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Questions about Teenage Pregnancy Laws

What is teenage pregnancy?

Teenage pregnancy refers to a female that is under the age of 20 and is pregnant. Pregnancy can happen any time after puberty. Puberty normally happens around the age of twelve or thirteen. It has been suggested that puberty is a time when a teenage girl is more fertile. Teenage pregnancy, especially if the girl is a minor, can be a testing time, both emotionally and legally, resulting in a number of questions. Below are some of the most commonly asked legal questions about teenage pregnancy.

In Florida what are the marriage and teenage pregnancy laws?

In the state of Florida there are no written laws for teenage pregnancy, unless it is dealing with a pregnant teenager who wants to get married. Florida states that if a teen is under the age of eighteen, but older than sixteen years, she can get married with or without parental consent after obtaining a marriage license. If the child is under the age of sixteen, normally she can get married with parental consent. Regardless of the parental consent, she would need to get a marriage license and approval for marriage from the county judge. When the parent has sole custody or the other parent is deceased, the permission of one parent is enough. If the minor’s parents are deceased and there is no appointed guardian, then they can apply for a marriage license. If a minor has a child or is expecting a baby they can apply for a license if the pregnancy has been verified with a written statement from their doctor.

In the state of California can a 21 year old marry a 14 year old if the 14 year old is pregnant?

In California, in most situations if either the bride or groom is under the age of eighteen, at least one of the minor’s parents or the legal guardian must appear with the couple even if one is pregnant. Both birth certificates are normally required. The couple must also set an appointment with a counselor then appear before the superior court judge. If a parent to the minor consents to the marriage, more than likely the judge would allow the marriage.

If a minor is pregnant by a 21 year old in the state of California, is someone legally supposed to report it?

In the state of California the legal age for sexual consent is eighteen. It is considered a criminal offense (statutory rape) to have any sexual relations with an underage child. It is a legal responsibility to report these types of crimes that have been committed to the state or local authorities. If someone fails to report these crimes, it can result in an accomplice charge for withholding information and allowing the adult to get away without the crime.

In the state of California, can the mother of a pregnant fourteen year old file statutory rape charges on a nineteen year old male?

In most cases a mother can file for statutory rape charges. In the state of California whether or not there was consensual intercourse the law states that any person who engages in an act of unlawful sexual intercourse with a minor who is not more than three years older, or three years younger than the adult, is guilty of a misdemeanor. Also, they can be facing county jail time up to one year or state prison. Anyone who has sexual relations with a minor who is less than two years younger is liable for a civil penalty as well as monetary fines.

In the state of Indiana what are a father’s rights to their pregnant minor daughter?

Even though the child is pregnant and is having a child on her own, she is not considered emancipated or of legal age. The father’s rights to the teenager will usually not change; the rights will remain as they were before the teenager became pregnant. The only thing that will be different is that the teenager would have parental rights toward the child. When a teen becomes pregnant it can be a very difficult experience, especially since it interferes with school and other plans in a teenager’s life. It can also form emotional distress, making one feel shame and fear, especially if the teen is a minor. The laws on teenage pregnancy can be complex, and the parents of the pregnant teenagers may not know their rights in order to help with the prenatal care. When unaware of your rights a pregnant teenager or a parent, it is best to seek Expert legal inputs and opinions on your rights and responsibilities.
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