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State Taxing Authorities

Every state charges a difference in taxes depending upon its business and the amount of citizens. The most common forms of taxes are sales tax, personal property tax, and income tax. Some states do not have income tax and those that do have income tax are not all the same for each state. Each state’s tax rate and types of tax are set by the state legislature. They are governed by a division that is permitted to collect the taxes. You can read below to find more information on state taxing authority by the Experts.

If the wrong amount of taxes were withheld from an individual’s check what can they do about getting the money back?

In these types of cases you can claim a compensation for all inaccurate withheld taxes. This will be done when you file your early tax return. When you file your tax return you will figure out the accurate amount of your tax liability and the tax withholding. If the tax withholding is more than your tax liability you will be given a refund from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the state taxing authorities.

If an individual has a resale tax exemption with their supplier can the supplier charge sales tax on items that are being shipped?

Considering if the product is being shipped to your address, if that is the case they should not charge you. If you have a resale tax exemption certificate with your supplier then they should not charge you sales taxes. Now if the merchandise is being directly shipped to your customer, then the supplier may charge you sales tax except if there is proof that sales taxes are paid.

If an employee has an address in the state of Illinois but they work in Texas, where does the employer need to withhold and file state income taxes?

Since the employee in fact works in state of Texas and the company does not have any link to Illinois you as the employer are not compelled to withhold Illinois taxes. Now, since the employee is resided in Illinois, all income no matter where the source of income is it should be included to figure Illinois state income tax liability. If Illinois income tax is not withheld the employee may have to pay estimated taxes to Illinois.

How does an individual go about filing unpaid payroll taxes?

In most cases you will file you income taxes normally as if your taxes were withheld and were correctly paid. If the taxes were not withheld correctly the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will contact the employer. These types of taxes are thought of as trust fund money and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes these types of mistakes seriously if they are not paid. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) intensely goes after the employer for the money they owe.

If someone’s ex spouse owes the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will the other spouse be obligated to pay all money that is owed or only half?

In cases like these you can file for innocent spouse application. If you are denied for the innocent spouse application then you will need to find out if you filed a joint tax return in that year. In the case that you did file a joint tax return that year you may be responsible for the joint tax debt. If you have filed for bankruptcy protection the tax debt is three or more years old is usually dismissed. In most cases of a legal separation or in divorce tax debt is normally divided in half. Some states will not split the debt even if you hire an attorney to help. Your wages will still be garnished for the tax debt until the debt is completely paid back. The aggression level by the state taxing authorities is very high. This is because of the lack of revenue due to the state the economy is in. In the event of you ex not paying their proportion of taxes due you still may be able to sue of all damages.

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