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Tax Rate Questions

What are the Tax Rates?

A tax rate is known as a certain percentage of a person’s income tax that is created from a person’s job site. A tax rate that is developed by the government can go up or it can decrease when it comes to taxable income. In the economic system, the tax rate is established by the income that a person makes; which is later put into a tax bracket depending on the person’s tax bracket. People that earn low income wages will have a smaller tax rate from the people that make more money.

What were the Capital Gains tax rates in 2010?

Capital Gain has tax rate of 0% which will end at the end of 2010, at the beginning of 2011 the capital gains rates will be at least 15%. In 2008, the 0% tax rate was set among the capital gains of a long-term level. The tax gains are set according to the investment that the person makes and the time that the interest is held.

Could taxing dividends at ordinary income tax rate negatively impact the stock market?

People that plan on investing in a company that paid funds to regular dividends. If an investor meets the requirement of the holding time then the funds of the income has to be taxed at a rate of 15% tax rate against the funds that are taxed from the tax rate.

What are the details of the inheritance tax rates in Nevada?

The state of Nevada doesn’t have an Inheritance tax at all and there is no tax established by the Internal Revenue Service that tried to collect taxes on the Federal level that dealt with Inheritance taxes. The Internal Revenue Service can issue Estate taxes if it applies to a particular situation. There is a set value on what is to be charged to the Estate taxes depending on the value on what the item or property may be.

What is the tax percent on a 401K withdrawal after age 59.5 if the person uses the money to pay off the mortgage?

If a person decides to take money out of a 401k after the person reaches the age of 59.5 then the rates will be taxed and the person will be charged with an early withdrawal penalty that is a 10% rate. The part that is taken out of the 401k will be taxed to the person and it would be added to the income of the taxes that are gained in order to know what the tax rate is.

A tax rate is established in order to make sure the government has regulated everything properly. Tax rates vary depending on the income that a person makes and it has to fix the budget of the people that pay income taxes. What are Tax Rates? What are the Federal Income Tax Rates? What is Corporate Tax Rates? These and many other questions concerning Tax Rate that are troubling people can be answered by the Experts.
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