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Tartar in Dogs

What is tartar in dogs?

Tartar in dogs is often known as mineral accumulation that is gathered on the dog’s teeth. Tartar may occur above or even below the dog’s gums, as well as tartar may become hardened. These accumulations may be easy to see simply because tartar may stain a dog’s teeth brown or even yellow. These stains may not actually be on the teeth, but instead on the tartar and this is known as calculus or even buildup. The tartar buildup is different of plaque whereas plaque may often cause bacteria to form on the teeth.

How to remove tartar in dogs?

In order to remove tartar on a dog’s teeth there are some common steps that may need to be followed. In the first step, the pet owner will need to brush the dog’s teeth with pet tartar control toothpaste whenever possible. When brushing the dog’s teeth, the individual may mix a chicken or beef flavor on the toothpaste so that the dog is more willing to allow the toothpaste in its mouth. Step two would consist of giving the dog canine dental treats in order to help clean the tartar off of their teeth. These types of dental treats may be found in biscuits and chews that are edible and help scrape the tartar off. Next, step three the individual may need to give the dog a rawhide chew for what is known as a long lasting treat that also helps clean the dog’s teeth. Also, an individual may need to leave a hard chew toy for the dog in order for them to clean their teeth on. These hard dog toys may often help scrub the dog’s teeth, however these toys may not be edible. When a dog is experiencing lots of tartar buildup, the individual may often need to change the dog’s food to a dental diet; and also lowering the amount of canned or even soft dog food that the dog consumes. When a dog is eating lots of canned or soft dog food, the soft dog food is not helping remove tartar like harder dog food.

When an individual has noticed that their dog has tartar buildup on their teeth, many questions may arise regarding the tartar treatment, home remedies for tartar removal or what causes tartar on teeth. Read below where Experts have answered many commonly asked questions regarding tartar in dogs.

What can be done to help prevent tartar in dogs?

In order to prevent tartar buildup in dogs there may be three different solutions that can be followed. One would be to change the dog’s food to a dental diet, which may often consist of Science Diet T/D kibble. This type of food does not crack when the dog chews it, so in return the food goes down into the dog’s teeth and then helps remove anything on the surface of the teeth. Another solution may be to brush the dog’s teeth. There are many different dental kits that can be bought over the counter. Finally, an individual may often be able to use a type of CET oral hygiene rinse.

What is the cost for dental tartar removal in dogs?

In some situations, the cost for dental tartar removal may vary. The price may all depend on where the individual is located, if the individual goes to a vet, or a medical clinic and what type of services are needed to be done. There are some clinics that only charge a couple hundred dollars, whereas other places may charge almost a thousand dollars.

What is an effective way to remove tartar in dogs without having to use dog toothpaste because of the toxic?

However, some individuals may believe that there are toxic ingredients in a dog’s toothpaste; however this may not be the case. In most toothpaste for dogs, this is organic enzymes that are safe for the use on bets and actually helps break down the tartar buildup. The enzymes in the toothpaste may not have to be scrubbed, instead just leaving it on the dog’s teeth, may often help remove the tartar. However, in the case the individual is still not convinced, the individual may be able to just simply brush the dog’s teeth with a soft toothbrush with warm water, as well as leaving the dog some dental bones to help clean the teeth.

Dental tartar in dogs may be very common. Even though tartar in dogs may be common, the solutions and home remedies may still be unknown to many individuals. For more information pertaining to tartar in dogs as well as the causes, home remedies and treatment, individuals may contact an Expert.
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