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Nissan Tail Light Questions

Tail lights are a mandatory requirement on every vehicle and are usually mounted on the rear of the vehicle so that they are visible especially at night time. Driving with damaged tail lights can cause accidents as well as attract fines from local law enforcement agencies.

If you are experiencing Nissan tail lights problems you should get it fixed immediately. Read below where Experts have answered questions on common Nissan tail light issues and complaints.

How do I remove the tail light assembly on a Nissan X Trail?

To install the tail light assembly on a Nissan X Trail you need to remove the rear combination lamp bolt and the rear combination lamp locator. You then need to pull the lamp assembly backwards to remove it from the vehicle. Disconnect the connector and remove the rear combination lamp.

Why do the tail nights of my 1998 Nissan Maxima only work when I brake or signal?

This usually happens when a fuse has blown. You need to check fuse number 5 which is located in the panel inside the car. This is a 7.5 amp fuse. If it is blown you will need to replace it. The parking lights will work once you replace the fuse. If the fuse is not broken then you will need to test the light with a volt meter. You need to clamp the clamp to a ground, turn the lights on and check the fuse with the pointed end. Since the back of the fuse is open you can get the pointer inside to see if it lights.

Why are my Nissan tail lights on even though I turned the headlights off?

In most cases this happens when there is a problem with the brake light switch. If you look at the brake pedal arm you will be able to see where the switch makes contact with the pedal. Sometimes there is a plug in the pedal arm and it cracks and falls out. If the switch is on an open hole, the plug might be bad. You can use a bolt in place of the plug. If the plug is still there then you can unplug the brake lights switch. If the lights go out then you will have to replace the switch.

Why are all the brake lights in my 2004 Nissan G35 not working?

If all the lights are not working you may have blown out the brake switch. The brake switch turns the brake lights on and off. You will need a test light to sort out this issue. You first need to check if the fuse is good and receiving power. You then need to check for power at the brake switch. If there is power at the brake switch and no power at the rear brake lights then there is a problem with the brake light switch.

Why did the tail lights and instrument panel lights go off after I installed a radio on my 2002 Nissan Xterra?

In most cases this happens when the radio/stereo has been wired into the dash lights. If it has been wired this way then you need to disconnect the wire to the dash lights wiring. If you have wired it correctly then you need to check the 10 amp fuse #11 which is located inside the Xterra as this fuse powers up the lights. If the fuse is okay then you may have to check the wiring to the instrument panel.

There are certain tips and tricks you can follow to ensure that your tail lights are functioning correctly. If you need help with replacing a Nissan tail light cover or have other tail light questions you should speak to an Expert.
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