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Toyota Tail Lights related Questions

Have a tail light out? Need to replace a fuse relay for Toyota taillights to work properly? If you are facing issues with taillights in a Toyota, there could be various reasons for them to not work. The tail light assembly is a complex piece of equipment that includes the tail light, brake light, reverse light and turn signals. The functioning of these lights is critical to the safe operation of the car. Although the unit may appear to be a simple light device, problems with the Toyota tail light are at times difficult to diagnose and rectify. The inputs and insight of Experts can be a great help in assisting car owners in overcoming their Toyota tail light problems.

Read below where a few common questions have been answered regarding tail lights on various models of the Toyota.

A circuit board short has caused the Toyota taillights on a 1994 Le Wagon to fail, Is it possible to bypass the circuit board to get the lights working again temporarily?

The tail light failure relay will have to be bypassed. There will be 8 wires in a white connector going into the circuit board. Take the green and light green wires and connect them together. To bypass the stop light portion of the relay, clip the green wire to the white tracer and also the green wire with a red tracer and the red wire. Connecting these 3 wires together will bypass the failure relay. A yellow wire is the power input to the relay and this may be disconnected.

How is a broken tail light lens removed on a 2009 Toyota Highlander Sport?

To remove the rear tail light lens assembly the rear bumper will need to be removed or at least loosened enough to allow access to the bolt that holds it in place and expose the lower lip of the combination lens. This is a job better done by someone with some mechanical experience. If the owner does not have this, going to a workshop would be the better option. If the owner is doing the work on his or her own, the best thing to do will be to get hold of a shop manual which will contain the diagrams necessary to understand the nature of the disassembly required.

What could cause a 1999 Toyota Corolla tail light to not work even though the fuse is okay?

If the fuse is okay but there is no power at either side of the fuse, the most likely reason is a defective relay. The relay may click when power is supplied, but that does not always mean that it is working. To check the relay, remove it and look for the numbering on the various terminals. Jump numbers 5 and 3. If the tail lights come on, then the problem is with the relay which will need to be replaced.

What is the procedure for removing and installing a new Toyota tail light assembly on a 2005 Prius?

The first step is to disconnect the negative battery terminal. Wait 90 seconds before doing anything else to prevent airbag activation. To remove the assembly: Remove the rear combination light service cover. Remove the rear combination light assembly. Remove the 2 nuts. Slide the 2 pins towards the rear of the car to remove them. Disconnect the connector and remove the combination tail light. Remove the 3 bulbs and 3 bulb sockets. To install the new unit: Fit the rear combination light assembly in place. Fit the 3 bulb sockets and bulbs in position. Reconnect the connector and install the combination light. Slide the 2 pins to towards the rear of the car to install them. Replace and tighten the 2 nuts. Fit the combination light service cover. Reconnect the negative battery terminal. Perform initialization. The procedure is now complete.

The Toyota tail light on a 1998 Camry is not working, how can the relay be checked?

Remove the carpeting on the left side of the trunk and look for the tail light relay. it is usually mounted on a metal brace. Look for any broken wires. Next look for the solid green wires connected to the relay. Check for voltage past the relay. If there is power then there is likely to be an open circuit between the relay and the lights. If jumping the green wires results in the tail lights working, then the relay itself is defective.

A Toyota taillight that is defective is not just a cause for getting a ticket; it can be a serious safety issue. Although it may not be a sophisticated piece of equipment, the Toyota tail light can be difficult to repair or replace. Many Toyota tail light problems are simple DIY fixes while others may require the services of a skilled mechanic. Determining what issues require a visit to the workshop is often not easy. It is here that the answers and opinions of Experts can be of great help to the car owner and ensure that the right repairs are done.
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