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Dog Tail Chasing Questions

Dog tail chasing seems playful and comical initially; however it can also be a sign of other problems such a neurological disorder, physical injuries, anxiety, and boredom. Dogs generally are social creatures and crave attention, this craving can lead to tail chasing, among other habits that are questionable by nature. Boredom can also cause some strange behaviors such as tail chasing, and is most often found in cases when an animal is confined and not allowed a large range of movements, however this can happen in normal environments also. Below some of the most common questions about dog tail chasing are answered by Experts.

What could cause a seemingly healthy, hyper, dog to start falling down, shaking, showing signs of difficulty breathing, after chasing its tail?

In some cases this could be related to a drop in blood pressure that could be caused by the animal’s heart rhythm being out of sync, or possibly low blood sugar much like a diabetic seizure. A speedy trip to the vet is recommended for proper tests, and keeping the animal calm until a veterinarian can be seen is important. A carpeted room would be best to keep the animal in, and rubbing something with sugar on the animals gums could help if the problem is related to low blood sugar.

Should a person be concerned about a puppy, chases its tail, and has a yellowish green color fluid draining from its anal glands when the glands were gently squeezed?

In most cases when anal glands are full of pus, the glands would be very tender and the animal would respond accordingly. Also, anal gland secretions can be several different colors. Therefore, as long as the fluid is not thick, filled with blood, or painful, and it came out without much discomfort, then this would probably fall in the normal category.

What could cause a recently groomed dog to chase its tail, run in circles, and chomp at its backside?

Typically this problem could be caused by irritation around the anus caused by the clippers, and should disappear in a few days. Until then anti itch ointment should help ease the irritation, and lots of distractions such as toys or exercise could also help take the dogs mind off its backside.

Is it normal for a female dog in heat to whine, pant, chase its tail, show signs of anxiety, and try to mount anything and everything for a whole month?

Generally this is a sign that the animal is ovulating and wants to be bred, the stage before heat can last for up to thirty days. However, the actual heat should only last for approx two weeks. The obvious cure is to have the dog spayed, but if this is not possible then just try to separate it from the rest of the household until this completely natural phase is over.

What could cause a dog that has separation anxiety to chase its tail, pant, and doesn’t sleep for many nights?

In some cases these symptoms could be signs of a petite mal seizure, which is a form of epilepsy that can cause these behaviors. Anti- seizure medications can be prescribed by a veterinarian, and should show positive results.

Tail chasing in dogs can be treated in many ways, from simply ignoring it, treating it with medicine, behavior therapy, to providing rewards when the animal doesn’t chase its tail. Preventive measures can be the best and least expensive treatment. Simply giving the animal lots of exercise, attention, and positive reinforcement is the best way to stimulate the dogs mind and keep it physically and mentally fit. The subject of dog tail chasing can bring to light many questions, and who better to inquire into these questions than the Experts.
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