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What is cat tail amputation?

Cat tail amputation is a surgical procedure where an injured tail cannot be treated in a normal fashion. A cat’s tail is considered to be one of the body parts that gain the most accidental injuries. Amputation of the tail is considered where there are no other treatment options available. Cats are generally able to adjust to having their tail amputated after an extensive period of healing and are known to function like before. When there is a need to have a cat’s tail amputated, questions may arise regarding the causes, effective treatments, and recovery. Read below where some questions about cat tail amputation has been answered by Experts.

Should a cat have pain medication after a tail amputation?

When a cat has a tail amputation or partial tail amputation, often pain is involved. When the cat is in pain, the need to have pain medications generally goes up. When pain medication is needed, a vet generally will give the pain meds on a short term basis, depending on the need for medication or pain level. Once the pain is taken care of, a cat may begin to act normal as the healing process is taking place.

What can cause a cat to have bladder and anal leakage after a partial tail amputation that removed? Should a vet be consulted?

When a cat has a partial tail amputation, often the amputation may cause a cat to have other issues. The nerves of the spinal cord often is affected by this procedure and in return causing the cat to have some anal and bladder problems. When these problems arise, a cat may have some sort of leakage from the anus and bladder. When a cat is displaying this type of medical condition, a vet generally needs to reevaluate the situation and treat the condition accordingly.

How can a cat with a medical collar from an amputation be fed?

Often when a cat has a tail amputation, a vet will put a medical collar on so that the cat cannot lick the surgery site. When there is a medical collar used, feeding the cat may become a challenge. Making sure that the bowl that the food is given in is larger than what the medical collar is might help with the feeding. Often, the collar may need to be taken off during feeding and replaced when the cat is finished.

What medication can be given for pain after an amputation and how long will the pain last?

When a cat has an amputation there is often a lingering pain called neuropathic pain. Pain medication such as Buprenex or Gabaspentin often is given to help the neuropathic pain. Amputations may take weeks to adjust, causing the cat to suffer from pain during this time. Giving the cat time to heal and recover from the amputation generally takes some time.

Often cats suffer from injuries to the tail area that cannot be treated with regular treatment. When this happens, a tail amputation generally will be performed. When a tail amputation is performed, questions may arise regarding the recovery time, quality of life and pain management. If an individual has these or similar questions about a cat tail amputation, they can ask an Expert.
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