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Dodge Suspension Questions

What is the effect of lifting a Dodge vehicle and installing oversized tires? Why does the suspension bounce and squeak? How to reinforce a Dodge suspension for towing? What does a total suspension replacement cost? A car suspension contributes not only to passenger comfort but also to safe handling and stability. Needless to say that with so many interconnected parts many suspension problems arise some of which are difficult to identify except to an Expert.

Here are some situations experienced by Dodge owners which have been put to Experts. Read what Experts have to say.

Will the front suspension on a Dodge Stratus squeak if the rubber boot of the lower ball joint has fallen off?

If the rubber boot has broken or fallen off it will cause an intermittent clunking sound and the ball joint will need to be replaced at the earliest. The boot retains grease in the ball joint without it, it will fail and impose a twisting load on the car body. If it is completely devoid of grease it could create a squeaking sound.

How to stop a Dodge Ram with 39.5” tires and 6” suspension lift on a 3” body from swaying violently when it hits a bump?

This is the result of unrestrained tire movement. To counteract the sway, beefed up shocks and a steering stabilizer will need to be installed. Additionally, there should be no play at all on any of the links and joints. All suspension parts come under inordinate stress because of the tire size and lift, so rapid wear and tear can be expected with more frequent replacement of parts. A 1” drop in lift, and 4” off the suspension will vastly improve the performance and stability.

Can the shocks, or the suspension, on a Dodge Ram with 4” lift and 35” cause the tires to squeak and the rear end to bounce excessively?

The symptoms are typical of worn shocks and swaybar bushings. It might help to lube all rubber bushings with WD40. Sometimes when shocks leak there might be traces of fluid around them. Excessive bouncing is a definite sign of worn shocks which need to be replaced. If they are to be replaced install firmer shocks to compensate for the additional lift.

How to stiffen the rear suspension of a Dodge Ram with a 6’ bed for towing?

The solution is to add another leaf to the springs. However, this will worsen the ride when nothing is being towed.

What is the average cost to replace the wheel well and suspension on a Dodge after an accident?

Without knowing the precise extent of damage it is impossible to give anything more than an educated guess at a replacement cost. However, from the description the repair should cost anywhere from $1000 to $3000.

Is there anywhere to ease the suspension of a Dodge SRT Charger to make the ride more comfortable?

The SRT Charger suspension has been designed for high performance at the cost of comfort. A rougher, stiffer ride is the price that has to be paid for the performance. For a softer, smoother ride switch to standard, Monroe Sensa-Trac premium, shocks and struts which will somewhat compromise the cornering performance.

What is the cause of suspension noises and bumps on a Dodge Mini Caravan?

If it makes a knocking sound and bounce up and down on every little bump, the problem is due to bad stabilizer links and bushings, which is a known problem with the Mini Caravan. Replace the stabilizer bushing and links on both sides which should resolve the problem. This replacement might need to be done more often than normal.

Often Dodge owners modify the suspension without realizing the full after-effect of such alterations. While passenger comfort is compromised so is vehicle stability and the life of many suspension parts. For information on Dodge suspension and before considering alterations, always ask an Expert. You might just have second thoughts after Expert advice.
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