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Cadillac Suspension Problems

The Cadillac suspension system is a load leveling shock system designed to level the rear suspension in a vehicle. The system consists of springs, shock absorbers and linkages that connect a vehicle to its wheels and allow relative motion between the two. It is important to keep the wheel in contact with the road surface. Though the Cadillac suspension has evolved over the years, the system could fail due to various reasons causing problems. Being unable to handle the problems that arise, questions could arise in the minds of owners.

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When the Cadillac service suspension light keeps coming up, is there a problem, and does it need to be fixed?

When the Cadillac service suspension message appears repeatedly, what could be the problem, and how can it be fixed? The message indicates a failure in the system. The suspension system will need to be scanned by a qualified technician to check for failure codes which will help find the problem. A scan tool will be required to clear the code from the computer memory. This could be a sensor or electrical circuit failure.

Is there an on/off switch for the Cadillac air suspension in a 2005 Deville?

There is no on/off switch for the Cadillac air suspension. The Cadillac is on any time the key is on unless there is a fault in the system.

If there is a repeated squeaking sound in the front Cadillac suspension and grinding sound when the steering wheel turns, what could be the problem?

There could be a bad bearing plate on the strut tower or a broken strut; it will be a good idea to have the strut checked.

What are the fuses that handle the Cadillac road sensing suspension or air ride system?

There is a 30 amp rtd fuse in the under hood fuse block. There is a 10 amp ign 3 fuse in the IP fuse panel. These two are from the suspension module. There is a 40 amp stud 1 fuse under hood fuse block for the air compressor. The same ign 3 fuse in IP panel is for the air compressor relay, and the same 30 amp rtd fuse under hood fuse block for the exhaust solenoid. These are the fuses for the air suspension and electronic suspension control.

How can one disable or override the Cadillac suspension control module so that it stops flashing on the display?

One would need to use an ohmmeter to read the resistance of the old air struts on the strut itself and then go to a Radio Shack or similar store and buy resistors of same ohms and wire them into the wiring harness connectors for the air struts. This could fool the control module into thinking they are still hooked up.

What would it cost to replace the front and rear Cadillac suspension in a 1991 Cadillac Sedan Deville?

The rear shocks are not an easy job and should be done by a professional. One could expect to pay for 2.6 hours labor at their shop rate. The air struts are approximately 90.00 a piece. The conversion kit for the rear is expensive. The front has struts need a special machine to change them and shop labor would be 2.2 hours, and the struts cost approximately 90.00.

The Cadillac suspension is important for the smooth driving of the vehicle and the comfort of the passengers. If not maintained, it could cause problems. When faced with problems, questions arise. When questions arise, it is best to seek assistance from an Expert.
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