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Audi Suspension Problems

Having problems with a noisy Audi suspension? Need help troubleshooting an Audi suspension? If the Audi air suspension will not go up when plugged in, the problem was related to the ECM, most probably this is a “sum error” code for the level control module where the level control module itself has failed. The problem may not be related with the Engine Control Module (ECM) or Engine Control Unit (ECU). To get more information about Audi suspension problems, listed below are some questions answered by Experts.

What will prevent the Audi suspension from raising the car on a 2002 All Road when the light on the dashboard either blinks or is on steadily?

Check the front air struts for any leaks, as this will cause the entire front of the car to droop. The metal chamber beneath the bag should be inspected, the one with a lower marking of clean metal. This could be leaking because the bag has rolled over on itself. Moreover in case the Audi is driven with a leaking air strut, the compressor can get damaged. If no leaks are found the compressor should be checked to see whether it is cycling or not when the vehicle is lifted. If it is not cycling the compressor should be replaced, relay and fuse if necessary. The fuse might be blown because the compressor could have drawn too much current and could have burnt the contacts on the relay.

Can the Audi suspension on the A6 TDI which is sporty and hard be changed?

First, check that the tire pressure is correct as stated in the manual. If it is fine the standard Audi suspension A6 option can be fitted. However, another reasonable option is to fit a taller profile tire with a smaller diameter wheel. This helps to add compliance to the ride and reduce its quick response. Another alternative is to retain the current wheel or Audi suspension part and replace the tires with softer sidewalls. This removes some of the compliance in the system and is especially if it is currently fitted with run-flat tires. If the tire is checked at the end of the number there is a letter and before this load capacity and sidewall stiffness is denoted. In case a softer tire is fitted, it can soften the steering response. Apart from this it should be ensured the main Audi suspension pivot points have been tightened with the car on its wheels and not in the air as this can add friction to the Audi suspension.

Why is the rear Audi suspension on an Audi A6 making clicking sounds while going over bumps?

If the clicking sound is similar to metal on metal, this could be caused by a broken rear spring. Diagnosing the broken rear spring can be complicated as it is hard to find the broken portion (at the bottom) since it is hidden away at the lower perch. The center of wheel to the fender lip can be measured and both sides compared. In case one spring is broken, it is recommended to replace the set. However it is better to have a qualified technician check the entire Audi suspension. Apart from this there are other Audi suspension components which can wear normally and need to be inspected on a regular basis. The cost of rear springs is approximately $130 each and the labor time is 1.5 hours. It may be possible to source the Audi OEM replacement settings on line or find Audi suspension sport settings which may be more reasonable. If the springs are not broken it may be a control arm or bushing which could be defective assuming the exhaust is intact and in place. It would be better to have the car hoisted up for a clear and precise inspection.

What can cause constant Audi suspension problems on a newly purchased A5?

The most probable issue for this is that the tires may be out of shape. Since tires are not perfectly round, counter weights are used to balance the irregularities. In case the front Audi suspension has changed, it could be transmitting the normal oscillations of the tires. Presuming the car has been inspected and the Audi suspension is intact and tightened properly, there may not be any problem with the car. The suspected Audi suspension problem being experienced here is most probably the oscillation of the tires.

Audi suspension problems may not be easy to decipher especially since the problem could be due to many other related parts and at times it could be other associated problems. To know more about Audi suspension parts, answers to any particular questions and problems regarding Audi suspension, seeking Expert’s guidance can be valuable for correct diagnosis and action.
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