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Property Survey Questions

What is a property survey?

A property survey is defined as a sketch or a map of the property that shows the properties borders and other physical characteristics. Residential property survey reports also to show the actual location of the home and other surrounding buildings, this can include fences that are located on the property and this will normally include the location of any public easements. The property surveys are done for many different reasons; this can be a requirement by the law or the rules for whenever the property changes owners. In the United States the property surveys are required to be performed by a professional surveyor who has their license in the state in which the property is located. A residential property survey can be done two different ways, simple or complex and detailed; each individual will need to know the requirements for each situation that they are in to be sure they are getting the correct survey.

How much does a property survey cost?

The price for a property survey will all depend on the service and the size of the property that is needed to be surveyed. The cost for a property survey can range anywhere from $200 to $600, with that being said the average cost for a property survey will range around $350. If a title company sends their own surveyor to identify the limits of the property, there will possibly be a different charge for that type of service. As for the basic geological report the cost for this will range around $100.

How to get a property survey?

When needing a property surveyed the steps are fairly simple. The individual will need to find a licensed surveyor in the same state where the property is located. Along, with finding a professional surveyor the individual will need to provide the necessary documents such as any property line information, and any old surveys that have already been done, and if there is a certain area that needs to be focused on. The property owner will need to inform the surveyor of any preexisting iron pins, these iron pins are considered steel rods that are placed into the ground by a previous surveyor in order to mark where another person at some point in time thought the property line had ended. Last but not least the individual will need to get a copy of their city or the town’s local law. This will give the individual an idea of what type of property is in questions and what types aren’t.

In the state of Minnesota if an individual has recently had a property survey done and the survey stated that there is fence that comes over on the property about 10-12 feet what is the legal time frame in order for their neighbor to remove the fence?

The Minnesota Statute 541.02 states that there is a 15 year statute of limitations on the opposing possession of the real property of another person. If the fence has not been located on the individuals land for 15 repeated years, then if their neighbor does not move this upon their own will, then the individual can sue for trespassing onto another’s property and force their neighbor to remove their fence. Another option would be to move the fence in conjunction with the survey findings. The one problem that can come up is that this can turn into a breach of the peace, and this could cause this person and the individual to be arrested to prevent a violent result. Normally, talking to a lawyer and having the lawyer present a letter to the neighbor to inform the neighbor how much they will be looking at in damages if this case is brought into the court, then the neighbor may taken it upon themselves to move the fence to avoid causing anymore problems.

In the state of Oregon is there a grandfather rule, if someone’s property has extended into another property and has been there over 25 years when the previous owner of the neighboring property purchased then divided the property?

In this case there is a statue that is called “adverse possession”. What this means is that the individuals solution would be to go with a quiet title to the uncertain area where it is claiming “adverse possession”. The individual will be needed to ask the judge to grant them the unclear property by adverse possession. This is to legally gain title to that part of the property. The individual will need to also contact a local real estate lawyer to file this type of lawsuit when asking for the property.

When getting a survey for someone’s property, there can be many problems that come up, such as if there is a piece of another person’s property that has crossed over to their neighbor’s property, and as to whom that actually belongs to. These types of questions can be answered by the Legal Experts online.
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