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Mercedes Sunroof Problems

A sunroof can be a problem in any vehicle especially if it does not close all the way. Often a worn sunroof gear box can make grinding noises. Mercedes sunroof problems are no different and sometimes immediate resolution of the issue is required since an open or stuck sunroof can prove to be unsafe and dangerous.

To get similar such information about Mercedes sunroof problems, listed below are common questions answered by Experts.

What can be done the Mercedes sunroof on a CLK320 does not close the last inch and does not back up either.

Some Mercedes sunroof switches usually have two indents which indicates that it needs to be pressed twice. A light click the first time and a harder click the second time. The sunroof should try to be closed by pressing the first indent switch lightly to check if it closes completely. In case the sunroof closes, the switch should be held in this manner for a couple of seconds. This allows the Mercedes sunroof to re-normalize. After a few seconds, the switch should be released and then the Mercedes sunroof should tried to be opened and closed completely. At other times, the problem could be that the wind deflector which usually gets pushed down when the roof closes sticks out or breaks thereby preventing complete closure of the Mercedes sunroof. If this is the case, it can be manually pushed down at the time of sunroof operation or can be replaced.

Since the Mercedes sunroof on a 300D (1985 model) needs cleaning and adjusting, how can it be removed? The sunroof goes back only halfway.

To remove the Mercedes sunroof open it three quarters of the way and pull down on the front edge of the sunroof headliner. Next it should be unclipped around the front portion and the headliner can be pulled forward and out of the top. The Mercedes sunroof should then be opened completely and the side rails unscrewed. The roof can then be closed and the two lock screws removed to lift the lid out. It should be noted however, that for the purpose of cleaning, it may not be necessary to remove anything. The side rails can be wiped clean and have silicone spayed over them. The following link contains more information on the procedure of removal and cleaning. The section about adjusting the slip clutch on the sunroof motor is particularly useful. It should not be tightened excessively and only a little at a time.

Since the panoramic Mercedes sunroof does not open or close using the switch, is there a way to close it manually?

There is panel which is held in position with two retaining tabs. It is towards the rear edge of the overhead control panel, Approximately 2 inches from the left and on the right side is where the retaining tabs are present. The metal retaining tabs can be depressed forward using a small slotted screwdriver or any other similar thin tool. Once the rear edge has dropped down the panel can be moved to the rear to be removed. I It can be allowed to remain hanging from the wires. On removing the panel the sunroof motor becomes visible. A 4 mm Allen wrench can be inserted into the center of the sunroof motor’s shaft. A This needs to be turned manually to close the sunroof. Sometimes the wrench may be present as part of the vehicle’s glove box or trunk.

What is the cost to repair a Mercedes sunroof which is stuck in a closed position and makes an intermittent knocking noise?

Most probably this could be a failed Mercedes sunroof track resulting in this problem. To resolve this issue, the track may need to be replaced if the switch and motor work normally. The cost of the Mercedes sunroof track can be approximately $700. It would take 5 hours of labor to replace. Sometimes there may be a need to replace just the cable, in which case the cost is $50 for the part and 1.5 hours of labor. The cost is also subjective to the place one chooses to have this work done, whether it is a dealer or an independent shop. However prior to any replacement, it is better to have the dealer examine the sunroof to determine the exact cause and fault.

Mercedes sunroofs are designed to add function and features to the Mercedes. It also enhances the look of the car and can be easily operated through controls on the dashboard. However problems can appear when it fails to close, is jammed, or leaks causing internal damage within the car. To know more about particular Mercedes sunroof problems users are facing, asking Experts can be helpful and informative to arrive at a solution or answer.
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