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Chrysler Sunroof Problems

Need help with the Chrysler sunroof motor? Is your sunroof leaking? Experts say leaking sunroofs can be tackled by a glass adjustment. Generally there are four t-25 Torx screws which hold the glass in position. The rear two screws would need to be loosened and the glass pushed up until it is flush with the exterior of the roof after which the screws need to be tightened. If this does not help, the Chrysler sunroof may need to be recalibrated and the sunroof module may require a flash software update. To know more about Chrysler sunroofs, below are a few common questions answered by Experts.

Is there a reset sequence for the Chrysler sunroof on a 2008 Town & Country which will not close completely?

The reset procedure or steps are listed below:
1. The Chrysler sunroof’s “Vent” switch should be pressed and held until the sunroof glass vents and stops and then released.
2. Next the Chrysler sunroof’s “Vent” switch should be pressed and held again for at least 15 seconds. After 15 seconds of doing so, the sunroof glass should automatically move and stop at a new location. Then the sunroof switch should be released.
3. The sunroof should then be operated manually and continuously through one complete “Vent and Slide” cycle.
4. Once the cycle is complete, the sunroof switch should be released and checked if it operates normally.
5. The sunroof express function operation should be verified.

It should be noted that if in addition to the above symptoms, if the Chrysler sunroof seems to be binding when it closes, the above procedure may not help.

How can the Chrysler sunroof be closed if the motor stops functioning?

In order to close the Chrysler sunroof, the headliner needs to be dropped, the drive motor removed, the gearbox and drive cables should be turned so that the glass can be closed. It is also essential that the cable timing is set correctly while fixing this. If this is not done, the chances of the linkage and glass breaking are high.

How to prevent water from leaking through the Chrysler sunroof on a 2003 T&C Minivan?

One of the best techniques to clear the drain is to use compressed air and a rubber tipped blowgun. The pressure should not be excessive but sufficient enough to loosen the restriction. If it is blown too hard, the hose may blow apart at a coupler inside the dashboard area. Additionally, it would be a good idea to remove the tube from the Chrysler sunroof frame and blow through it with your mouth. In case these options are unsuccessful, the end of the drain tube can be accessed to check if any restriction is present. To do this, the right front wheel and the wheel well liner would need to be removed to access the drain tube exiting from the sheet metal at the rear of the wheel well area.

Is there a fuse to be replaced for the Chrysler sunroof which has stopped working?

Typically on the Chrysler sunroof, the switch is the fuse as there is no separate fuse present for the sunroof. Check if the switch is faulty by checking for power entering and exiting the switch, and replace if necessary. For example, if there is power entering but none exiting then the switch is defective. To test this, a light tester or an OHM reader is required. To replace the switch, disconnect the negative battery cable and isolate it. Next the overhead console should be separated from the headliner by carefully pulling down the front portion toward the windshield thereby releasing the retaining clips. Next the sunroof switch’s retaining tab should be released, the electrical connector disconnected and the switch removed from its console.

Chrysler sunroofs are designed to add function and features to your car. It also enhances the look of the car and can be easily operated through controls on your dashboard. However as seen above you can face a fair number of problems when it fails to close, is jammed, or leaks causing damage. Therefore, to know more about particular Chrysler sunroof problems you are facing, asking Experts can be helpful and informative to arrive at a solution or answer.
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