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Cadillac Sunroof Problems

The Cadillac sunroof is a glass pane which allows light or air into the vehicle. The Cadillac power sunroof system consists of many components which could sometimes fail causing problems. Being unaware of how to fix these problems could lead to questions in the minds of drivers. Read below where questions have been answered by Experts.

How can the Cadillac ultra-view sunroof motor be removed?

The two motors for the sunroof can be accessed after removing the sunroof center window panel. One could disconnect the motor/actuator electrical harness from either the front window motor/actuator or the rear vent window motor/actuator. Remove the motor/actuator block screws and pull the sunroof motor/actuator up. It is important to note that the motor/actuator may need to be rocked side to side in order to release the drive gear from the cables. Finally, remove the motor/actuator from the motor/actuator block.

How can the Cadillac sunroof center window panel be removed?

The sunroof center window panel could be removed by first removing the screws across the leading edge. Pull back the forward sealing strip edge of the center window panel and remove the five attaching screws.

What does the Cadillac sunroof system consist of?

What does the Cadillac sunroof control module control? The Cadillac sunroof control module controls the sunroof motor based on the inputs from the sunroof switch and limit switch. The special features of the control module are ‘express open’ and ‘express close’ vent, ‘stall sense’ and ‘operation time out’.

How can the Cadillac sunroof be closed manually?

The Cadillac sunroof can be operated manually be simultaneously depressing and turning the center slot in the sunroof motor drive gear with a large straight-bladed screwdriver. It is important to remember that the sunroof motor drive gear is made of nylon; hence, one should be careful not to damage the slot in the drive gear.

Is there any way that the Cadillac front sunroof drain on a ’99 Cadillac STS be cleaned?

What could be done very carefully is use compressed air to blow through the hole from the roof side where it starts in order to free and remove debris. One could run water down through it to flush it out; however, be careful not to blow the drain hose off the sunroof assembly or the headliner would need to be lowered to reconnect it.

What could be the problem when a blocked Cadillac sunroof drain on a ’03 Cadillac CTS won’t drain in spite of using compressed air to clear it?

In this situation, one would need to check the ends of the drain tubes. If the water is not going through and compressed air is not clearing it out, there is probably a problem with the drain tubes which will need to be replaced. To do this, removal of the headliner would be required in this vehicle.

What is the override function that is used to force a closing of the Cadillac sunroof window?

To override the system, the ignition must be turned on. Rotate the sunroof switch to the ‘close’ position. Press upward. The sunroof switch data 6 circuit or override circuit will become grounded at the sunroof module. As long as the sunroof module sees this input, it will continue to slide the sunroof window to close, regardless of the other sunroof switch data circuits’ inputs.

The Cadillac sunroof which is responsible for allowing light and air into the vehicle could sometimes face problems. When faced with problems, questions arise in the minds of owners. When questions arise, turning to an Expert would be best.
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