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Buick Sunroof Related Questions

Do you want to replace your sunroof shade? Is the sunroof leaking and you need help finding where it is coming from? Simple though it seems, a sunroof can provide a host of problems especially when it leaks. If you experience a sunroof problem and don’t know how to go about fixing it, ask an online Expert.

Read below answers from Experts to a cross-section of Buick users’ sunroof problems.

How does a Buick Lucerne carpet get wet when the sunroof does not leak?

Since the sunroof does not leak it must be assumed that the sunroof drains are clear. That being the case the drain for the front A/C will need to be checked. The drain runs through the firewall and, if it clogs up, water will leak on to the floor below the carpet and run all the way to the rear wetting the carpet as it goes. To clear the blockage the car will need to be hoisted and compressed air forced through the A/C drain to blow out whatever is clogging the drain and causing water to back up.

How to repair a Buick Regal sunroof which is stuck in the open position and the switch does not work to move it forward?

The only fix for this is to lower the headliner to access the motor. Remove the motor and try to move the track or at least see where it is binding. Also, check if the motor is good and that it works. When the motor is removed it should be possible to close the sunroof till it is fixed. For step-by-step instructions on how to remove the motor and headliner, ask a verified Expert.

How to find and fix a Buick LeSabre sunroof leak?

The most common cause of a sunroof leak is a clogged drain tube. A Buick Regal has drains in all four corners. The best way to determine which drain is leaking is to open the roof and pour water slowly in each corner to see which drain is blocked. If the drain is clear water will flow through unobstructed and exit out from under the car. If the water is blocked then the drain will need to be blown through using compressed air. If the water drains but does not exit from under the car then a drain tube may have worked loose allowing the water to leak inside the car.

To which module do the sunroof motors of a Buick Enclave link?

The primary control of the motors in the Enclave is the sunroof module. However, it draws residual accessory power from the body control module (BCM). This is for a few seconds after the key is turned off. But no data is exchanged between the two modules.

Can the sunroof shade in a Buick LaCrosse be replaced without removing the headliner?

There is no way the sunroof shade can be replaced without removing the headliner. Replacing the shade is no easy task and best left to a Buick professional or experienced technician.

How to seal off water leaking through the sunroof frame rivets on a Buick Enclave?

The sunroof glass is secured to the roof with a seal through which some water inevitably filters through and exits into the channel leading to the drain tubes. If water is leaking into the car though the tubes are clear it suggests that the amount of water getting past the seal far exceeds what the tubes can drain off. If the rivets are loose the best solution would be to remove, repair and reinstall the entire sunroof assembly. No doubt this is labor intensive but it’s the only way out.

Can the sunroof of a Buick Riviera be closed manually?

No, this will not be possible as the sunroof is attached to its motor and unless the motor is separated from it, it cannot be shifted.

Is it feasible to attach an aftermarket sunroof to a Buick LeSabre?

Sunroofs inevitably increase cabin noise and are prone to leaks. An aftermarket sunroof will inevitably leak. Attaching and aftermarket sunroof to any vehicle is not recommended.

There’s nothing worse than a sunroof leak or one that doesn’t close fully. Most often the problem is relatively simple if you know how to go about it. But if you don’t, your best bet is to ask a verified Expert. The advantage in working with an Expert is that you could get your questions answered online and at your convenience.

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