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Nissan Sunny Troubleshooting Questions

Is your Nissan Sunny not shifting gears properly? Or, does the battery die for no apparent reason? Getting the problem correctly diagnosed is the first step to the right repair. The opinions of verified mechanical Experts will help you identify the problem and decide on the correct solutions.

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Why has the carpet of a Nissan Sunny become soaking wet and what is the best way to dry it?

Case Details: The weather is clear with no rain.

This usually happens when the air conditioner drain is clogged, preventing water from the unit draining out of the vehicle. Check the drain tube for blockage or damage that could allow water to leak out. If blocked, blowing air up the tube usually clears it. It is almost impossible to dry a carpet completely while it is in the vehicle. It should be removed, along with the padding, and placed in the sun. If there is embedded dirt or odor, it will need to be shampooed. The floor of the vehicle should be sprayed with mold remover.

Why does the battery of a 2013 Nissan Sunny drain if the vehicle is not driven for two days?

There are a number of possible reasons:

  • The battery may be faulty or nearing the end of its life. Have it charged and load tested. Replace it if this is the cause.
  • If the battery is okay have the alternator tested to see if it is charging correctly. Also check the main cables to the battery for damage and corrosion at the terminals.
  • If the charging system is okay, it could be a case of parasitic drain which happens when a system that should be shut down continues to draw power when the vehicle is off. The check for this connect a volt meter and remove the fuses one at a time. When removing one fuse causes the voltage to drop, that is the circuit that is draining the battery. Aftermarket accessories like radios and alarm systems are common causes for this.

Why does a 2001 Nissan Sunny overheat and start only after a very long crank?

Case Details: The cooling system was checked and no leaks or clogging found. The sensors are also okay.

Recheck the sensors to ensure that they are plugged in correctly and that the ground wires are connected. If no problems are found, it is possible that the timing belt has jumped causing the engine to be out of time. A compression test and checking the timing marks on the chain and sprockets will confirm if this is the case.

Why does a Nissan Sunny FB15 keep cutting out while driving and then be hard to start?

Case Details: Replacing the fuel pump has not helped. The Check Engine light  is not on.

With a new fuel pump it is unlikely that there is a fuel pressure issue but have it checked to ensure that the fuel filter is not clogged and there are no blocks in the system. The most likely cause of the problem is either a faulty crank of cam sensor in the distributor. This will account cutting out and hard starts. This problem will often not trigger a warning light. Have both sensors checked and replace the defective one.

Why does a Nissan Sunny with automatic transmission not shift into a higher gear even when the engine reaches maximum revs?

Case Details: The problem is intermittent and occurs with all gears.

With the engine warmed to normal operating temperature, check the transmission fluid level. If it is low top it up. If the color is dark brown or black flush the system and replace it. If the problem remains then it is likely that there is an internal problem in the transmission which may require that it be rebuilt or replaced.

Why does the instrument cluster on a 2000 Nissan Sunny N16 intermittently go dead?

This is a common problem on many vehicles, including the Sunny. The cluster will have to be checked with a compatible scan tool set in bi-directional mode. The tool can then be used to send test commands to the cluster and if there is no response or the response is incorrect, the cluster is faulty. It is possible to repair the cluster but, in general, replacement is the better long-term solution.

Why does the Check Engine light remain on in a Nissan Sunny even after repairs have been done?

The Check Engine light will come on when the vehicle’s management system detects malfunction in one of the systems.  A code is stored which will inform the dealer/shop about what is wrong. If the repairs are not done correctly the light will remain on. If the stored fault codes are not cleared from the vehicle’s computer after the repairs, the light will continue to be on. Take the vehicle back to the shop that did the repairs and have the fault code cleared. If the light remains on, have the repairs that were done rechecked to see if there is an issue in the way they were done.

Why does a 2002 Nissan Sunny with automatic transmission occasionally rev to higher than normal before shifting gears?

Case Details: The problem is with all the gears and happens under all driving conditions.

The most common cause for an issue of this kind is one or more defective solenoids in the transmission. A scanner can be used to pinpoint the defective solenoid(s) which will need to be replaced.

As you will have seen from reading this article, there are a number of common problems that a Nissan Sunny owner may face. Some you may be able to deal with yourself and others may require going to a shop. Whatever your course of action, obtaining the insights of verified mechanical Experts will ensure that the right repairs are done in the right way. Experts are available online, at times convenient to you, to provide personalized answers to your questions.

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