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Sun Parakeet Related Questions

What is a sun parakeet?

Native to northeastern South America, the sun parakeet is a brightly colored medium sized parrot. Sun parakeets are predominantly golden yellow with orange flushed under parts and face. Adult males and females could be similar in appearance. The sun parakeet is commonly found in aviculture. The threat by loss of habitat and trapping for the pet trade has placed the species on the endangered species list. When an individual has a sun parakeet as a pet, questions may arise regarding its care, food and possible health problems. Read below for questions that have been answered by Experts about sun parakeets.

What type of diet should a sun parakeet be fed?

Sun parakeets should be offered a high quality pelleted diet such as Harrison’s High Potency, TOP or Tropican. They may also need vegetables such as cooked sweet potatoes, yams, squash and pumpkin, dark leafy greens, and entire carrots. Sun parakeets do not need seeds, millets, mix or sprays. Only low fat, high fiber human food that is healthy may be offered to them. When a dietary change is made it should be monitored and supervised by a veterinarian.

What could cause a sun parakeet’s anus to be swollen and protrude?

If the bird is egg bound, it can cause the anus to get swollen and protrude. Egg binding can become a serious condition and cause an impaction in the cloaca which is the area that urine and feces combine to form the droppings. An egg impaction in a sun parakeet could cause body toxins to become backed up and affect the organs of the body. An examination by an avian veterinarian may be needed which may include a blood panel and radiographs of the abdomen. The veterinarian may administer a calcium injection as well.

What can be done to deter a sun parakeet from laying eggs?

Steps to stop a sun parakeet from laying eggs if breeding is unwanted are given below:

  • Expose the bird to at least 2 hours of UVA/B (Ultraviolet A/Ultraviolet B) light.
  • Adding a couple of extra hours to the night cycle may help. Keep the bird in a dark environment, undisturbed and covered.
  • Restrict any mushy foods that are high in starch because these are fed from one mate to the other while mating. Feeding a pelleted diet may help.
  • Interrupt any regurgitation between mates.
  • Remove nest boxes or any other nest like spots.
  • Do not pet the bird on the back or tail because this could be sexually stimulating.
  • Leaving the eggs in the cage or using fake eggs may cause the bird to sit on them and lose interest. This will cause the bird to stop laying eggs.
  • Adding new toys and perches along with rearranging the furniture in the cage may trigger the bird to stop laying eggs.

What could cause a sun parakeet to be bloody and raw under the wings?

Chronic ulcerative dermatitis can cause of the underside of a sun parakeet’s wings to become bloody and raw. This may be caused by:

  • Secondary bacterial infection
  • Fungal infection
  • Viral infection
  • Poor nutrition
  • Parasites
  • Not enough humidity
  • Excessive humidity
  • Systemic issue
  • Organ dysfunction

Behavioral problems could also cause a sun parakeet to pick at the underside of the wings.

When an individual has a sun parakeet as a pet, questions and concerns can arise. The type of diet that is offered should be a variety and offer stimulation to the bird. Also questions regarding egg laying and egg binding may arise. For more information or answers to these questions, an individual can contact an Expert.

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