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Sudafed Medication

Sudafed is an over the counter decongestant. Sudafed is most commonly used to treat the common cold, nasal congestion and sinusitis. While this medication is very beneficial to a person with a cold, it is important to know possible drug interactions that may arise when using multiple medicines. To learn more about Sudafed and possible side effects, take a look below at the questions that have been answered by Experts.

Can Sudafed PE contribute to an acute cause of glaucoma?

There are several conditions that are listed in the warning label of Sudafed and glaucoma is one of the conditions. The warning label informs the user to speak with a doctor prior to using the product.

Phenylephrine is an ingredient found in Sudafed which has been known to constrict blood vessels which causes a reduction of blood flow to areas in and around the nasal passages. This helps lessen inflammation and allows the nasal and respiratory passages to open.

It is thought that this action may actually increase glaucoma symptoms. Other issues may involve elevated blood pressure, kidney issues and circulatory conditions.

Can a 60lb 9 yr old take Sudafed?

A 60 pound 9 year old may take 10 mg of Sudafed every 4 hours. However, other cold medications are not encouraged while using the Sudafed. Many people prefer to give a dose every 6-8 hours at first to determine if any side effects may take place. Most decongestants come with side effects such as irritability, nervousness, inability to sleep, jitters and loss of appetite. Drinking lots of water is often encouraged to ensure proper excretion of the medicine as well as improve symptoms of congestion.

What will happen if Sudafed is taken with benicar?

There are typically no interactions when taking the above mentioned medications together. Phenylephrine may cause a rise in blood pressure making it an issue when being used with other blood pressure medications like Inderal. However Sudafed generally doesn't increase the risk of elevated blood pressure.

Can a pregnant woman take Sudafed PE?

Women who are pregnant are usually encouraged to avoid using Sudafed. In most cases doctors prefer that a pregnant woman only take an occasional Tylenol if needed. Options for treating a cold may include saline nasal sprays, cough drops for a cough and tea with honey to sooth a sore throat. In the event that a pregnant woman becomes feverish, a call into her doctor may be required.

Can Sudafed PE be taken with lisinopril?

There doesn't appear to be an issue with taking the above mentioned medications together. However, blood pressure checks may be required if the person begins to experience headaches or other unusual symptoms. Generally if a person follows the directions found on the package there is usually little to worry about.

Many times when a person has a cold or becomes congested, the person will buy an over the counter product such as Sudafed. Many questions arise as to mixing Sudafed with other medications. Many people may not realize the danger in doing this. If a person has questions regarding the use of Sudafed, the person should ask an Expert for medical insight and proper treatment suggestions.
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