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Subwoofers - Car Electronics Related Questions

Will resetting your audio system help resolve a glitch in the subwoofer? Do you have a problem with a wired down subwoofer? While a subwoofer might not be standard in all car audio systems many motorists have a preference for one. When properly matched, a subwoofer can significantly enhance one’s listening pleasure. For more information and for solutions to problems, one can always refer to an Expert online.

Read answers from Experts to some typical problems faced by users.

How can two amplifiers be wired together to build a custom audio system?

Case Details: The customized system will comprise of two 10” subs, an 800W amp and sub amp and hi lo converter all attached to a factory head unit.

This is a fairly uncomplicated arrangement. Wire both amps to the head unit with the positive on each end wired to a fused 12V source for effective control and the two negatives on each amp connected together. The level controller will take inputs from the positive and negative of each speaker and feed the amplifier to the subwoofer. In actual fact the level controller will take the speaker signal and push it through a separate amp for the subwoofer.

How to control a subwoofer which is hitting so hard that the music is overpowered?

Case Details: The system comprises of a Kenwood DPX301U stereo with subwoofer and amplifier.

Perform a system reset which might correct the glitch. Do this by disconnecting the positive battery terminal for a full hour before replacing it. This may improve the sound quality but if it does not the problem could well be with the radio which will need to be replaced.

How to troubleshoot a system where the 2 ohm subwoofer wired down to 1 ohm stops working after 5 minutes of play then begins to pulsate and send static?

Very few subwoofers which are rated down to 1 ohm can handle the impedance for a sustained period of time. Most often this is peak rating to persuade a user to buy a specific amplifier. But it is also possible for the subwoofer to have a worn spot on the varnish of the voice coil inside the magnet gap which causes it to short when the subwoofer touches deep excursions. It is also possible that the amplifier is going into thermal shutdown because of excess heat generated. The amp could also shut down due to high current conditions if the gauge of the power and ground wiring is not right or there is a problem with the ground itself. The answer to this is a more robust amplifier.

Can two subwoofers be run off one MRX-M55 amplifier?

Yes, this is possible but would also depend on the voice coil configuration and what is expected of it. Multiple subs could be run off one amp provided the aggregate voice call impedance is 2 ohms.

How to upgrade a VW Beetle OEM sound system to incorporate a CD player and deliver more volume at the least possible cost?

Case Details: The user would also like to play music stored in a mobile phone through the car speakers.

For maximum effect at the least cost, install an RF/FM modulator which can be connected to the headphone jack of a portable CD player, mobile phone or mp3 player. The modulator will convert the sound virtually like an FM station, and send it to the existing factory cassette player for reproduction by the factory speakers. Addition of a subwoofer will significantly improve existing sound quality. Most car audio stores offer a range of modulators and their service includes installation. Some types available are so simple that they even plug into a cigarette lighter. Select a subwoofer which can be comfortably accommodated within the limited space available. This is about the most cost-effective approach to an upgrade.

Can the RCA output from a Kenwood KDC-153 car stereo be connected directly to a subwoofer?

The two RCA jacks of the Kenwood are only at line level and not enough to directly drive a subwoofer or speakers. An external amplifier would be needed to power the subwoofer.

As seen from the article above, it is common for users to have questions when setting up their car stereo systems. Knowing where to turn to for on-hand troubleshooting and insights will reduce the amount of frustration and costs an owner will endure. Verified Experts are online 24/7 to assist you with your needs at your convenience. Experts provide customized answers in a timely manner so you can get your audio system up and running again. 

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