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GMC Suburban K2500 Questions

What is the right way to change transmission fluid on a GMC Suburban K2500? What gas mileage should a GMC Suburban K2500 give? What causes starting problems in a GMC Suburban K2500? Where can GMC Suburban K2500 specs be obtained? When faced with repair and maintenance questions GMC Suburban owners are often at a loss as to where reliable professional help can be obtained. The best thing they can do is ask Experts for their insights.

What are the torque specs for replacing steering components on a GMC Suburban K2500?

These are the torque specs:

  • Tie rod nut to steering knuckle - ( 48N/M)
  • Pitman arm nut to center rod - 52 ft. lb (70 N/M)
  • Idler arm to center rod ( 62N/M)

Is it possible to separate the tie rod ends without a separator fork?

If a separator fork is not available the tie rod ends can be separated by striking the eye where the stud goes through. It should be a sharp rap with a 1 or 2 pound hammer. A heavier hammer should not be used. Several raps may be required. The image below shows the exact location to hit with the hammer.

Separating tie rod ends

How to improve the gas mileage on a 1995 GMC Suburban K2500 4x4 that has over 170,000 miles and gets 7 to 8 MPG?

7 to 8 MPG is more or less okay for an engine with this many miles on it. There are some things that could improve the gas mileage a bit. Ensure that the engine is tuned correctly and that none of the ignition components like the spark plugs, caps, wires, etc. are worn out. Change the fuel and air filter on schedule. Any towing will cause the gas mileage to drop. These engines are designed for power and performance, not fuel economy. Economical driving habits and going light on the throttle could add a few miles to the gallon. Do not expect to get more than 10 MPG in the best case scenario.

What is causing a 1999 GMC Suburban K2500 with a 7.4 liter engine to only start with a lot of cranking and then have a smell of fuel in the exhaust?

If the ignition systems checked out okay there are two likely causes for this problem. It could be low fuel pressure caused by a leaking fuel pressure regulator. This is located inside the intake manifold and should be checked. If there is no problem with the pressure then it could be that the crankshaft position sensor is failing and needs to be replaced. This is a fairly common issue with the 7.4 liter engine.

What is the best way to flush out old transmission fluid from a GMC Suburban K2500?

The best way to do this is with the use of a transmission flush machine. The transmission coolant line should be removed from the radiator and hooked up in line with the machine. The machine’s operating instructions should be followed. The machine should be kept running until the old fluid is completely removed and the new fluid, which should be a bright pink color, is filled. Once this is done, the transmission pan should be removed and the transmission filter replaced. After reinstalling the pan, the fluid should be topped off.

What is the labor time required to replace the intake manifold on a 1994 GMC Suburban K2500 with a 7.4 liter engine?

If the vehicle is equipped with air conditioning, the labor time for replacing the lower intake manifold gaskets will be 4.2 hours.

If Hedman headers are to be fitted on a GMC Suburban K2500, what is torque for the bolts and for the bolts to the collector flange?

The header to head torque is 20 ft. lbs. and the collector to pipe torque is 22 ft. lbs.

The GMC Suburban K2500 is a tough and sturdy vehicle but that does not mean that problems will not occur with them. When dealing with repair and maintenance issues vehicle owners who are equipped with information about the type of problems they face and the solutions that can be applied are best placed to keep their vehicles in good condition. Asking Experts for their guidance and insights will provide owners with the knowledge they need to get the right repairs done.

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