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Substantial Gainful Activity Questions

What is Substantial Gainful Activity?

When a person applies for Social Security Disability Benefits or Supplemental Security benefits; the Substantial Gainful Activity is needed to determine if that person has a disability. Substantial Gainful Activity is also needed to determine if the person will receive Social Security Benefits while working even if the person does have a disability. The work activity of the person is monitored to make sure the person is liable to receive these disability benefits.

How much can a person earn while working and still collect Social Security Disability Benefits in the 2012? Is it based on gross income or net income?

As for 2012, the Substantial Gainful Activity amount for people that are blind is $1,690.00 and for the people that aren’t blind the amount is $1,010.00. The amount is based on the total income based on the amount of income that is earned. For more information on Substantial Gainful Activity, click on the link below:

If a person is on Social Security Disability and recovering from a heart transplant; can that person volunteer at a workplace without giving up their benefits? Is the person still allowed to be paid?

If a person is only volunteering at a job; the person is allowed to work as long at the person wants. The person can still receive Social Security Disability Benefits by working as long as the person chooses to do so during a nine month time span. The nine months that are worked is called the Trial Work Period. Any month that a person has received an income of $980 or more will equal one month in the Trial Work Period. The nine month period does not have to be used all at one time. If a person does not work and earn an income of $980 or less a month; this will not be added to the Trial Work Period.

Suppose a business has profits culminating in June 2010. Could a person pay their self $700.00 per month for the first/past 6 months of 2011? The maximum allowed earned income for Social Security Disability Benefit is $720.00 per month.

A person is allowed in many cases to pay one’s own self $700. If the person is working full time or just under full time. Earnings paid to the industry or business could still put the person over the Substantial Gainful Activity. The Social Security Association may add in the person’s Social Security Benefits and if found to make more than the income required, the person’s benefits may be reduced or even terminated.

If a person has a long term disability; will the person lose Social Security Benefits if the person had their own business?

As a person that receives Social Security Disability Benefits, the person will be allowed to have a part time job. The person is allowed to earn up to $1,010 a month without being cut from receiving benefits. This person should keep the work hours to a minimum and make sure that the job the person is working for doesn’t affect the person’s disability.

Social Security Disability was established to make sure that people that were disabled and couldn’t work receive the proper financial care that is needed. There are some people that may be disabled but would love to continue to work and do the things that they love doing. Experts can answer common and difficult questions about topics just like Substantial Gainful Activity to make sure people get the help that is requested.
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