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Substance Abuse Treatment Questions

Substance abuse, also known as alcohol abuse, or drug abuse is a term used to describe the pattern in which a person uses a substance in an amount that may be dangerous or harmful to the user or others. There are treatment programs available for those affected by substance abuse. There are 12 step programs that provide a substance abuser learned skills to overcome a substance addiction. There are also programs available for the families affected by substance abuse. Many people who abuse substances are usually in denial. The programs cater towards enlightenment of the affects of substance use. Many people who use the substance abuse programs may fail due to denial or going back to the substance following treatment. To learn about the different types of substance abuse, take a look at the questions below that have been answered by Experts.<

Is suboxone giving to a person with substance abuse the usual procedure?

Suboxone is a medication is often used to treat people who may have an opiate addiction. The medication is typically applied in combination with a 12 step program. Narcotics anonymous are the most common 12 step program pertaining to drug addiction. There are other groups that provide support similar to narcotics anonymous. People who have a drug addiction generally benefit from narcotics anonymous with a higher success rate. There are usually local meetings but if one cannot find a meeting, help may be found online.

Can substance abuse cause mania episodes in people?

There is research that has proven that a manic episode may be a result of substance abuse. Studies show that over half of the people diagnosed with bipolar disorder (manic depression) have a substance abuse issue for years. It is thought that many substance abuse issues may be genetic. Many times all it may take to trigger substance abuse is the right atmosphere or stressor.

Should health care workers ask patients about substance abuse?

There may be many circumstances that arise which make asking patients about substance abuse important. The patient's medical history is required in order to provide proper care. Substance abuse may factor in under medical history as well as affect future diagnosis. There are some medications that may not be safe for people who are substance abusers.

Can employees control substance abuse to adequately do jobs?

Basically the answer to this question would be no simply because by definition, substance abuse means the abuse of a substance legal or illegal. Therefore the fact that the person only abuses the substance after work hours doesn't mean the substance isn't still in the person's system when they return to work. This potentially leads to harm towards the individual and or co-workers.

Substance abuse is a topic that may raise many personal, medical and ethical questions. Substance abuse affects more people than just the user. It affects families, friends and co-workers of the substance abuser. If a person has question or concerns regarding substance abuse, the person should ask an Expert for medical insight.
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