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Cat Stuffy Nose Questions

What causes a stuffy nose in cats?

When the nose area in a gets congested or filled with mucus, it causes a stuffy nose. Allergies, dust, cold viruses, or an upper respiratory infection may cause a build up of mucus or moisture in the nose. When a cat has a stuffy nose, its cause needs to be determined before the problem can be addressed or treated. When a cat has a stuffy nose, questions about its causes, treatment or cure are bound to arise. Read below where some questions about a cat’s stuffy nose have been answered by Experts.

Can viral infections or allergies cause a cat to have a stuffy nose and what could be the treatment?

An upper respiratory viral infection may cause a cat to develop a stuffy nose. Viruses that cause a stuffy nose may last for a period of seven to ten days and may not require any form of treatment. When a cat has a stuffy nose because of allergies, treatment for the allergies may be humidity or saline drops in the nose to help break up the mucus. Also, Benadryl may be sued to help the cat with the stuffy nose.

What can cause a cat to have a stuffy nose and snoring sounds when breathing? What is the treatment for this?

When a cat has a stuffy nose as well as snoring sounds when breathing, this may be an indication of the cat having a small nasopharyngeal polyp. The polyp may cause the sinus area to become blocked as well as possibly causing the cat to have a stuffy nose. Some cats may present with snoring sounds when breathing. The cat may need to be seen by a vet to have tests run in order to determine if there is a polyp and treatment discussed at that time.

Will a bad tooth cause an elderly cat to have a stuffy nose

Case Details: Is it safe to use Pediatric Afrin to treat the stuffy nose? What other treatments will help with the stuffy nose?

Using Pediatric Afrin for a stuffy nose in cats may be safe as long as the cat does not use the medication for more than three days and is only used once or twice a day. In some elderly cats, a bad tooth may cause the cat to have a stuffy nose. When the tooth is removed, this may help with the stuffy nose. The elderly cat may also need to have a prescription of antibiotics to help relive any infection that may be caused from the stuffy nose or infected tooth.

What is an at-home treatment for a stuffy nose and when should a cat be seen by a vet?

Saline solution or a type of steroid drop in the nose to help clear up the stuffiness are common at home treatments for a cat's stuffy nose. If it still does not clear up, the cat may need to be seen by a vet to determine if there is an underlying condition.

When a cat has a stuffy nose, the mucus in the nose may become built up and causing the cat to have difficulty breathing. Stuffy noses may be the cause of allergies, colds or even small growths in the sinus cavity that causes the mucus to collect. When there is an issue with a stuffy nose in cats, questions may arise regarding the treatment, possible causes or if a stuffy nose is an indication of another medical issue. When these questions arise, an individual can contact an Expert.
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