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Questions about Cadillac Struts

Are the struts making noises you need help deciphering? Do you need help with error messages regarding struts? Do you need troubleshooting tips on Cadillac struts? A bad strut, if not fixed could cause accidents. Unawareness of the problems that could arise due to a bad strut could lead to questions. Read below where questions have been answered by Experts.

Is an alignment required after replacement of the front Cadillac struts on a 2004 Deville?

After strut replacement, the vehicle will need to be aligned. In order not to have pull or excess tire wear, all the wheels will need to be aligned.

Could a defective Cadillac strut cause the ‘service ride control’ message to come on in a 1993 Allante?

The message could be displayed due to the failure of the internal electrical actuator in the strut. GM stopped making struts for this system years ago, so it would be good to replace all the struts with conventional struts (no electrical actuators) and then disable the message. GM is also careful to point out that the message must be disabled only after replacement of the struts. The trouble codes that point to the failed component could be retrieved by a mechanic.

What are Cadillac struts?

Struts are basically shocks with a spring on them in one housing assembly. Some vehicles may have struts in front of the vehicle, and some may only have shocks and separate springs next to the shocks or torsion bars and shocks.

Could the clunking noise that is heard while driving over a speed bump or pothole and also when turning the steering wheel at low speeds, be an indication of bad Cadillac struts?

From the description of the noise, it could be a problem with the strut mount. The strut mount is a rubber, metal and plastic device that sits on top of the strut. The strut will probably need to be removed and disassembled in a strut compressor, and the part is not very expensive. The labor charges however, will cost more than the part. The strut will also need to be aligned later. It would be good to pull the strut out, take it apart and note what the mount looks like when it’s disassembled. There is a bearing plate in there, as well as some rubber and steel components. Earlier, there were issues with these which were resolved with new strut mounts. Disassembly would reveal whether the rubber has worn away which allow those movements to transmit via metal to metal inside the strut mount.

How to replace the Cadillac strut assembly on a 2005 Deville?

The first step would be to remove the three strut tower bolts. Raise the vehicle and support it by the frame allowing the control arms to hang free. Then remove the wheel and tire and disconnect the wheel speed sensor connector. Remove the wheel speed sensor bracket from the dust shield and remove the brake line bracket from the strut. Remove the strut knuckle bolts and then remove the strut from the vehicle.

The installation procedure would be to first install the strut. Install the three strut tower bolts and washers. Tighten the three strut tower bolts to 66 Nm (49 ft. lbs.). Install the strut to knuckle bolts and nuts and tighten the strut to knuckle bolts and nuts to 177 Nm (131 ft. lbs.). Install the brake line bracket to strut and tighten it to 23 Nm (17 ft. lbs.). Then install the wheel speed sensor bracket to dust shield and connect the wheel speed sensor connector. Install the wheel and tire and tighten the wheel and tire to 125 Nm (80 ft. lbs.). Finally, lower the vehicle.

Cadillac struts are responsible for the stability and performance of the vehicle; therefore replacing bad struts is important. Being unaware of the replacement procedure and the problems that arise due to bad struts could lead to questions. When questions arise, turning to an Expert would be best.
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