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Stress Related Questions

There are many types of stress that can leave someone feeling helpless as if they have lost control of their life. Learning to control these stresses can prove to be challenging. Mostly stress is because of the high expectation we place on ourselves. We often worry about meeting the expectations of family, friends, and co workers. But in reality it's not what they expect from us that causes us grief, in reality stress is caused from what we expect from ourselves. These disappointments can become overwhelming, even too overwhelming at times to manage by ourselves. Read below where Experts have answered questions about stress and stress related symptoms.

Is stress genetically determined?

Often people with stress disorders can adapt to highly stressful situations such as illness or poverty. Then when the smallest stresses like missing an appointment can be like the straw that broke the camel’s back. Usually stress disorders can come down to genetics, how a person is a raised and their life situations. However, it is hard to find out what exactly brings stress to each individual.

How does stress effects health?

There are three types of stress that can affect a person’s mental and physical well-being.

Acute stress - is short-term form of stress where demanding, troubled or difficult situation triggers a sudden stress reaction. The feelings that will come with acute stress are troubles sitting still or sleeping, trouble concentrating, rapid irregular heartbeat.

• Chronic or long-term stress is one type of stress where the name defines itself. People with this condition stress over the big issues in lifelike world hunger, work, or a chronic illness a family member may have. Because these are big issues that often can’t be controlled they can be severely stressed over for long periods of time.

• Positive stress known as eustress – Is a stress that can give a person the little nudge that helps them get everyday tasks done. People with this type of stress will compulsively worry about each task big or small until they have successfully completed each one. This is the reason it is called Positive stress.

How does progressive muscle therapy relieve PTSD?

Progressive muscle therapy has been used since the 1920s to treat the symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome. The trick to this is to remember how important it is to breathe. Start by find a secluded place away from other people and noise. Make sure when this is done plenty of uninterrupted time has been set aside. Get comfortable and relax all the muscles of the body. Then begin by making a tight squinty face, like a mad face by closing the eyes tightly and clenching the teeth. Hold this face for 8 seconds. Now this expression can be relaxed which should help the tension to fully leave the face. Continue tensing each muscle of the body individually for 8 minutes a piece allowing them to fully relax before moving on to the next.

What help relieve stress?

There are many books and audio books out there that offer techniques to help relieve stress. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most popularly recommended by doctors for help in coping with all kinds of mental illness. This therapy has been found useful in helping cope with stress disorders as well.

How does cognitive behavioral therapy help stress?

The way a person thinks about a situation is what decides how their brain processes and reacts to it. This is what cognitive behavioral therapy is gear to address. This thought process is called “Automated Thoughts” These thoughts are often negative but so fast the person may not know they even had it. Another term used for this is called ANTs (Automated negative thoughts). If a person thinks a situation is bad even though it may not be, then this thought process is often harmful and can impact their life in a negative way. Cognitive behavioral therapy identifies these thoughts and helps restore the line of thinking back to a normal thought process.

With so many types of stress that affect our lives every day it can often become overwhelming. But there are many ways to calm these stresses from self-help books and simple breathing techniques to behavioral therapies. But how does a person know what one will work best for them? When questions arise regarding stress, turn to the Experts that can help answer these questions and more.
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