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Questions about Puppy Strangles

What is puppy strangles?

Puppy strangles may be a very scary condition; this may be more commonly known as juvenile cellulitis. Typically this condition may not be seen very often, but when it is typically it may affect a certain age group. The most common age group may be from 3 weeks of age to 4 months. This condition could affect a dog’s throat, lymph nodes and cause facial swelling. There may be some breeds that are more susceptible of getting puppy strangles.

What are the most common signs of puppy strangles?

There may be several signs of puppy strangles, not all dogs have signs of this condition. These symptoms may include but are not limited to. The eyelids, nose and lips may become swollen Some parts of the dog’s face may begin to ooze around the 24 hour mark of swelling In some cases the salvia gland may be affected A dog may lose it appetite Some dogs may experience a fever Lethargy may be present Cuts on the muzzle or face may become scabbed An ear infection may occur Inflammation in the face could be seen In some serious cases a dog’s reproductive organs may be affected

How is puppy strangles usually treated?

In some cases puppy strangles may not be deadly to a dog but may need to be seen by a vet very quickly. A veterinarian may need to run some test to diagnose the dog with puppy strangles before starting treatment. In some cases a vet may prescribe corticosteroids, and prednisone; some cases a large dose of both medications may be necessary to clear up the puppy strangles. Typically after the puppy strangles is cleared up the dog may need to be weaned off both medications. This may be due to the fact that both medications can be addicting, therefore difficult to stop taking without withdrawals. For more information regarding puppy strangles such as, what causes puppy strangles and can puppy strangles be passed from one dog to another. Read below where an Expert may answer these questions and many others.

What are the chances that a puppy could get puppy strangles again and what causes a dog to get puppy strangles?

Puppy strangles may be better explained as a puppy’s immune system being over worked. Typically when an immune system is over worked it could cause the dog’s body harm. The immune system may mistake the body as a foreign object and start fighting the dog’s body off. In some cases once the puppy has already had puppy strangle, the dog may not get it again. It may be very rare for a puppy to have puppy strangles more than once.

Is puppy strangles contagious to other dogs and is this condition an immune defect?

Typically puppy strangles may not be a contagious condition for puppies to be around. Normally a dog that has puppy strangles may not be up to playing with other animals anyways. The reason for this may be due to the steroids that are used to treat the puppy strangles; in some cases the steroids may cause a dog to be tired. Veterinarians may think of this condition as an immune defect, because the immune system may be over working its self causing an attack on the dog’s body. Puppy strangles may not be a life threatening condition, but it may need vet attention quickly. This condition may have several symptoms and could cause serious reactions to a dog’s body. In some cases puppy strangles could cause a dog to have severe scars on the muzzle or ears. For more information regarding puppy strangles such as, can puppy strangles cause a dog to lose its voice and are there certain breeds that get puppy strangles more commonly. Contact an Expert for answers to these questions and many others.
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