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Stomach Virus in Children

What is a stomach virus?

A stomach virus or gastroenteritis is a type of inflammation of the stomach due to a type of virus. In most cases, when a child or person has a stomach virus, then the individual may experience spells of vomiting and diarrhea as well as a fever. Generally, a stomach virus is not related to the influenza virus, but can have the same symptoms. When a child has a stomach virus, then the virus may be caused from the rotavirus. Below are questions about stomach virus in children that are answered by an Expert.

What can a parent do if a three year old child has a stomach virus with vomiting, the child will drink but refuses to eat very much?

In most cases, when a child is suffering from a stomach virus that causes vomiting, as long as the child is taking in plenty of fluids, the parent should have nothing to worry about as far as the eating. The parent may want to try and give the child a liquid diet such as chicken broth, beef broth, or any other type of liquid like food that agrees with the child’s stomach. The parent would want to watch the child’s fever and if the fever persists, then the parent may want to take the child to the doctor to have a series of antibiotics prescribed.

How can a parent who has a stomach virus keep their two year old child from getting the stomach virus?

Generally, when a parent has a stomach virus and wants to help prevent the child from contracting it, the parent would want to be diligent in washing their hands. Washing the hands while handling the child as well as food will help to keep the spread of the germs from the virus to a low chance. In most cases, the stomach virus is spread through the contact from people’s hands.

What could be causing a six month old child to keep getting a stomach virus?

In some cases, when a child keeps getting a stomach virus, then this could be caused from the child being around the virus multiple times. During the child’s first year of life, they are more likely to have a stomach virus several times. The virus is generally transmitted from the lack of washing hands and making contact with an infected person. The parent may want to make sure that the child is being treated with lots of fluids as well as rest to fight the issues with the stomach virus.

What could be the cause of a five year old child that has the stomach virus off and on for a week, to also have pain in their legs with no fever? Should the child be taken to the emergency room?

Often, when a child has a stomach virus, there may be a chance for the pain to be present in their legs as well as other parts of their body. There are cases where arthritis can become a factor in children. The child may need to be taken in to see a doctor to be evaluated by their doctor to know for sure what is causing the pain in the legs. The parent may not have to take the child into the emergency room, but the parent may want to make sure that they make an appointment with their doctor to have the child tested for causes of the pain and stomach virus.

When a child has a stomach virus, children may suffer from pain, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever. When a parent is dealing with a child that has a stomach virus, there could be many questions regarding what could have caused it, how to know when the child needs to go to a doctor, or even how to treat the stomach virus at home. When these questions arise, then the parent can contact the Experts to receive fast and reliable answers.
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