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Medicine for Stomach Pain for Kids

When we think of stomach pain in children we think of the more common causes such as; constipation, food allergies or intolerance (such as lactose intolerance), and stomach flu. What is important is that we pay close attention to signs and symptoms associated with the stomach pain in order for early detection of more serious disorders that can also display stomach pain in children, such as bowel blockage, ulcers, gastrointestinal disorders in determining the best medicine for stomach pain for kids.

What is stomach pain?

Stomach (abdominal) pain is one may experience in the area between the chest and hip or groin area. Some of the most common causes for stomach pain in children may be the result of excess gas, viral gastroenteritis, diarrhea or constipation. The severity of pain is not necessary a guide to the severity to the illness. Severity may be determined in the length of time one has experienced this discomfort and the location of the pain. In determining treatment for stomach pain a diagnosis may be necessary in offering the appropriate medicine for stomach pain for kids. Read below where Experts have answered many questions relating to stomach pain for kids.

Is there medicine for stomach pain for a kid that is experiencing stomach pain that comes and goes at night and through the day?

When there is no cause determined, this is referred to as nonspecific or functional abdominal pain, and is common in small children from the ages 4 to 12. This localized pain usually occurs in the middle of the abdomen and may be brought on by stress or constipation. A child may need to be examined by a pediatrician in offering treatment for stomach pain in children with no diagnosed cause. A bland diet, increase in fluid intake or a medicine for stomach pain in kids such as an acid suppressant may offer relief for a child with stomach pain.

Should a young child experiencing intermittent lower abdominal pain during urination be on an antibiotic? Kidney function was slightly elevated.

A urinary tract infection may be the problem; symptoms may include fever, vomiting, pain during urination and cloudy urine. Causes for stomach pain in children associated with urination may also include stones that may be lodged in the child’s urinary track. An examination including a urine analysis may help in determining the cause of the stomach pain. The child may need to drink plenty of water in order to help flush bacteria or stones. However, an antibiotic, for stomach pain in kids with a urinary infection, may be necessary.

Is there alternative treatment to medication in offering a child that has been experiencing frequent abdominal pain for the past 30 days relief?

A urinary tract infection, gastrointestinal issue, constipation or colitis can cause abdominal pain in kids. A change in one’s diet by offering additional fiber may help with the constipation, lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity may also offer diet suggestions in offering a cause of stomach pain in children. An alternative to medicine for stomach pain in kids may be offering yogurts with natural cultures that may aide in digestion. If the stomach pain persists after making these adjustments to diet, then a visit with a pediatric gastrointestinal specialist may offer treatment for a child experiencing frequent abdominal pain.

Medicine for stomach pain for kids may not be enough in offering relief of frequent abdominal pain. Diet may also play a big part in a child who has chronic stomach aches. An Expert may offer insight of symptoms in relation to disease and disorders when determining causes for stomach pain in children.
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