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Subaru Steering Problems

The steering system on a car is an arrangement of components comprising rods, linkages, pivots and gears which is designed to help a driver control the direction in which a car moves. Power steering has made driving a vehicle more enjoyable and less mechanical and overall most vehicles today have power steering instead of manual steering. Car makers like Subaru are reinventing the mechanics of vehicles to enhance user experience. Subaru is popular for its size, economics and driving ability. Subaru power steering gives users the best of maneuvering the vehicle. However there are times just with any vehicle, power steering problems occur. Owners may at some point need to replace the power steering belt, pump or change the power steering fluid. Often determining whether the repair or maintenance work needs an automotive technician or if the repair is something the owner can do becomes a question. Often when questions arise regarding mechanical work Expert advice may be needed. Read below where Experts answer questions regarding the Subaru power steering.

What can be done if a Subaru is losing power steering and power steering fluid?

In all probability the leak is from the hose or the power steering pump. Chances are that it is from the hose because of the pressure built up within. Loss of fluid results in loss of pressure which will inevitably lead to loss of steering. When air enters the system it worsens the steering performance. Try to trace the leak from the highest point where traces of fluid spill are visible. If the source cannot be found the car should be taken to a professional service because it will not be possible to drive very soon.

Power steering fluid is leaking out of the reservoir of a Subaru Legacy after the engine is shut down. What could be the reason for this?

This is a very common problem when the oil has been changed and the air filter replaced. In the process of accessing the air cleaner sometimes the angle of the suction hose is inadvertently affected disturbing the O-ring/seal at the other end which connects with the power steering pump. As a consequence the pump now begins to suck air resulting in loss of hydraulic pressure. The solution, which is successful most of the time, is to replace the O-ring and spring clamp on the suction hose, refill and bleed the system. Some engines might have a flange instead of an O-ring so only the spring clamp need be replaced. If this does not provide a solution then the power steering pump might need to be replaced.

A strong whining sound comes out of the front of a Subaru Impreza when the car takes a turn. What is the possible cause and how can it be repaired?

On a Subaru engine the same belt drives the power steering and alternator. If the alternator bearings go bad, which sometimes does happen, it begins to make a sound which apparently this car is making. The way to confirm this is to remove the belt and spin the alternator pulley by hand to see if it makes a noise. If it isn’t the alternator it most likely is the power steering pump. Before proceeding further make sure that the power steering fluid is at the correct level.

Is it necessary to bleed the power steering system on a Subaru after replacing the rack?

If there is no sound out of the steering and it behaves usually no bleeding is needed. If the rack has been replaced the car will need to be aligned so there’s even wear on the tires. Realigning is necessary.

The battery light and the emergency lights have come on a Subaru Legacy. Also the power steering has stopped working. What are these symptoms indicating?

It could be that the belt which drives the alternator and power steering has broken. When battery and brake lights come on together it is usually sign that the alternator is not delivering any voltage. Together with loss of power steering this suggests that the drive belt has broken. The car will now run on battery power only and the electrical accessories will die down one after another as the power drains, till eventually the car comes to a halt.

Can power steering fluid on a Subaru be filled by oneself of does it have to be done only by a skilled mechanic?

Topping up fluid is easy and can be done by just about anyone. Just fill the right power steering fluid into the power steering reservoir till the recommended level is reached.

The power steering on a Subaru Outback whines in the cold and stops when the car is warmed up. What is causing this sound and how can it be stopped?

Check the level of fluid in the power steering reservoir when the car is cold. It seems like the level may be at borderline low. Once the fluid warms up it expands and perhaps reaches the proper level but this is not acceptable. If the level is low, top it up.

Apart from easing the burden of driving, power steering provided feedback to the driver about how the front wheels are interacting with the road. In most engines the power steering pump is driven by the engine itself but in some engines the drive is from a separate electric motor. Even as easy as it is to drive a Subaru, many times owners have questions specifically related to the Subaru power steering and need answers. For specialized information on Subaru steering problems one should ask an Expert.
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