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Steamer Problems

Steamers function similar to a steam iron using a water reservoir for producing heat or steam. The water is heated to high temperatures producing low pressure, moisture and water vapor. Steamers can be of various types; such as food and garment steamers. Garment steamers are efficient in eliminating the creases on garments smoothly. Food steamers steam the food and are generally a healthier option compared to other methods of cooking. Listed below are a few commonly asked questions that have answered by the Experts on steamers.

A eight month old steamer has stopped steaming and the distilled water remains in the cup despite cycle starting. What should I do?

It is most likely a problem with the steamer unit inside the machine. This would be a costly repair. Since the unit is only eight months old, you could seek the warranty on it for a free repair as soon as possible.

Why has a steamer stopped working though there is power in the electrical outlets?

If you have checked the power outlets and they are fine, the plug could have gone bad. Check the unit to verify that you have power going from the outlet through the cord into the unit. You could dismantle the unit to gauge if the power is reaching the switch of the unit. If there is still no power, replace the cord. If power is present at the switch, the problem could lie with the pump and motor and may need to be replaced.

A garment steamer stopped working after I used tap water. It first starts up and goes off making a slight beeping sound. Is there a method to clean it?

The tap water could be the reason for this since the nozzles could have gotten blocked with mineral deposits. It is usually better to use distilled water for the steamer. One of the options is to try running calcium, lime and rust (CLR) solution through it. The CLR solution is easily available in any supermarket at the detergent section. You could also try using equal proportions of vinegar with hot water after it soaks in the unit for a few hours. The most effective solution would be to disassemble it and manually clean the hard water deposits. This may not be an easy job. You could also approach any small appliance repair shop and check what could be their charges to clean the unit. It would probably be more reasonable and easier to replace it.

A Wolf steamer stopped working suddenly and seems to have no power. Resetting the breakers did not help. What is the problem?

First you should try turning off the unit at the circuit breaker, wait for twenty minutes and turn on the power. If you observe no change, turn off the power again at the circuit breaker and open the electrical junction box which is usually located at the base of the unit. Undo each wire nut one at a time. Inspect them for any corrosion. In case the wire nut is loose or corroded, it may need to be redressed or replaced. The other issue is that it could be the internal thermal fuse or a cold solder joint which is the connection of the power points to the circuit board. This would need soldering and repair of the printed circuit board.

Why is a Rowenta steamer getting hot but not emitting any steam?

This is probably due to scale build up or a piece of scale lodged in the valve inside the unit. You first need to open up the unit. There will be a tube from the tank entering the valve. Remove the valve and clean it completely and place it back inside. This is probably the most suitable way to get it to work.

Steamers are a very efficient device for quick and effective results. The common problems listed above mainly concern the water used, blockages and no steam. There could be other types of issues too but those may not be as common. Sometimes dismantling or repairing these steamers can work out more expensive than purchasing a new one. In order to know more on whether you are facing a minor and major issue and what you can do about resolving it, the help, information and guidance from Experts will prove useful.
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