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Steam Cleaner Problems

What is a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is an appliance, which uses steam to clean, dry and disinfect surfaces and objects. In most cases the process of steam cleaning is effective to sterilize the surfaces that it is used on. The ability of the steam cleaner is to clean using heat. The heat or steam is generated in a boiler which heats tap water to high temperature producing low pressure, moisture and water vapor. The steam is safely distributed on the surface through a range of insulated tools and accessories therefore providing the energy required to break down dirt and grime releasing contaminants into the water suspension.

Listed below are a few questions answered by the Experts on steam cleaner problems.

Why won’t my Bissell Pet Pro-Heat Steam Cleaner extract the dirty water?

Ensure the dirty tank is empty and it is seated firmly in place. The lid should be positioned properly and locked in place. The diverter knob should be on correct selection and not in between the attachment and floor. Remove and clean the lint filter basket. All the parts need to be seated in such a manner that it creates an airtight seal. Suction cannot be created with air leaking in. If suction is absent despite doing the above, check if the float switch of your tank is working and not broken. Also check for any obstructions which would not allow suction in the hose or inlet areas of the tank. An air compressor can help clean the hose of any blockages. If all these options are unsuccessful in resolving your issue, the problem could be defective motor. It would be wise to have a professional check it.

Why is my Shark Euro-Pro Steam Cleaner not going off unless I unplug it?

The issue here could be the switch has failed or is not closing. The switch would need to be replaced or you can use it how you are currently, by plugging it to come on and unplugging it to go off. If you are good with tools and handy in fixing appliances around the house, you could approach the local hardware store and try to arrive at a workable solution to the switch issue. You could try using rocker or toggle switches which may work. Check for company manufactured parts as well which would be more suitable and support the product as well.

Why does my Bissell steam cleaner disperse water fine but not suck it?

Listed below are some of the reasons why the suction is weak:

• The ready tool dial may be at the wrong setting. It should be on “floor” position and not “tools” position
• Reset the two-in-one water tank as well as the formula tank
• The water tank may be wrongly assembled. Ensure the lip of top tank is securely hooked into the groove of the bottom tank and both are clipped back together
• Ensure there is fluid in the bladder of the water tank as well as the formula or soap tank
• Sometimes the red float door of the top water tank could have closed. Switch off the machine allowing the red float door to release to open position. In case this red door is closed or if the red “filter screen” is clogged it may cause the unit’s suction to fail.

My portable steam cleaner is not allowing the steam to exit from the hose or the small attachment on the steam opening. What can I do?

Try using about 14 oz clear lime and calcium remover (mixed with a little water) and pour it in where the water goes. Let the cleaning process complete. Once it is filled, turn it on and wait for five to ten minutes and then try to steam every three minutes. This will help it push through and clear out the tubing. Repeat this action if necessary.

The problems listed above are only a few compared to the different types one can encounter with a steam cleaner. It is important to equip yourself with basic information to handle issues that may crop up with your steam cleaner. Sometimes dismantling or repairing these steam cleaners can work out more expensive than purchasing a new one. In order to know more on whether you are facing a minor and major issue and what you can do about resolving it, the help, information and guidance from Experts will prove useful.
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