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State Driving Laws

Can a suspended license from one state be obtained from another state? Or, need to know if you are violating the cell phone driving laws by activating your GPS while driving? Different states have different driving rules. If you are accustomed to the driving rules of one state, you need to be aware of the rules of driving on roadways from other states. Being unaware or misinformed is not a defense in the event of any mishaps. To get information about the rules or to know how varying driving rules from one state to another can affect you, verified legal Experts can be of help. 

Read below where Experts have answered a few questions about state driving.

In Nevada, is activating GPS or Bluetooth on a cell phone while driving a violation of the ‘texting and driving law?'

If the actions of the driver was only with the intention of configuring or adjusting the handset for operation of wireless, GPS or Bluetooth, it cannot be a violation of the ‘texting and driving’ law. Moreover, the state is required to present proof to justify the violation of the statute. In this regard, they have the right to, for example, subpoena the phone records of the individual to determine whether they were actually texting while driving. These records will serve as proof.

Can a 16-year-old legally drive a truck in his name from the state of Illinois to New Mexico?

From the legal standpoint, there is no issue in driving a truck in his name as he has the right to possession and use of the vehicle. However, he would need to review the driving laws of each state in his route. Many states, including Illinois have certain restrictions on new drivers such as the timings they are allowed to be on the road and the number of passengers they can carry.

Can a person obtain a driver’s license from a one state if their license is suspended from another state?

Case Details: The license was suspended for DUI class B.

Most states are in agreement with each other to honor another state’s suspension automatically. Even if some of the states are not in the agreement, for DUI/DWI, the suspension is usually honored. Driving without a license can lead to an arrest. In most states it is considered as a misdemeanor at one of the highest levels. In case the MO driver’s license has been suspended but not revoked, the first 30 days of the suspension would need to be served without driving. After this time, if an SR-22 is filed, a 60-day restricted driving permit is given for work, school, to attend alcohol education/treatment program or to seek the services of a certified ignition interlock provider. It is also possible to apply for a Limited Driving Privilege which can be obtained once in five years.

In Colorado, can a semi-trailer driver be sued if he sideswiped a car without stopping?

It is possible to sue the driver and the company he works for in a small claims court if the damages are below $7,500. It is also possible to subpoena driving records or logs over the last couple of months, provided the records can prove that the driver could have caused the accident. The driver can be sued in the County court where the accident occurred, if that is the home county. If the driver drives on the roads of Colorado he would be subject to the complete jurisdiction of the courts in Colorado regarding his driving.

Does a driver on a main road have the right of way over a driver on an access driveway?

Essentially, the vehicle driving on a public or private road always has the right of way over any other vehicle which could be exiting out of private driveway. It also does not make a difference on which side the vehicle is travelling on the main road. The driver exiting from the driveway needs to ensure that the public road is clear before entering it. In case of any incident/accident, it is common for insurance companies to support their clients and go after the other insurance company.

What are the driving laws enforced on non-annexed and unincorporated roads?

Normally, all applicable laws in the SC motor vehicle code are enforceable on any public or private roadway in the state. Municipal or county ordinances are usually not applicable in unincorporated areas.

In Dubai, what are the penalties under the drinking and driving law?

Unlike the U.S. and U.K. where there are blood alcohol limits for DWI or DUI, Dubai follows a zero tolerance policy. This implies there is no minimum level of alcohol consumption and consuming any amount of alcohol (over 0.0) and driving an automobile is considered intoxication and violation of the driving laws. Penalty for drinking and driving or DWI as per Dubai traffic laws is severe. An individual consuming alcohol and driving or attempting to drive a vehicle, faces jail between one month to three years and/or a fine varying between Dh20,000 to Dh30,000.

Driving and following rules is not as easy as it sounds, especially for a new comer, young individuals or those who are unaware of the varying driving rules in different states. In such cases, ignorance is not a defense which is taken into account. As seen above, people have had their questions and doubts about state driving cleared by legal Experts online. To ask more personal, customized questions and get answers, you can contact Experts online too. They provide insightful solutions quickly and affordably, from the comfort of your home.

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