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Toyota Starter Questions

A starter is equipment that rotates a car’s engine so is it able to start and run under its own power. As with any car, a defective starter motor can prevent a car from starting. Toyota starter motor repairs must be done properly to ensure the starting of the car is dependable. Since there is a the number of factors that could affect the car’s starting ability, owners often are faced with unanswered questions when deciding to rebuild the starter, or the replacement and repair options.

Expert answers and information is often valuable when needing questions answered. Read below where Experts have answered some commonly asked questions.

What could cause a starter on a 2002 Toyota Camry to have intermittent issues of not starting after three tries but will start after an hour?

The problem is most likely with the starter. The 2002 Camry was the model on which a new gear reduction starter system was used. Unlike the old Toyota starter systems, these do not make a clicking sound that served as a warning of imminent failure; they just stop working. The solution is to replace it or have the starter rebuilt.

Why is a Toyota starter clicking when attempting to start the car before finally turning the motor over?

The clicking sound coming from the starter can indicate the starter contacts are worn out. When the ignition is turned to the “START” position, a relay sends a signal to the solenoid to engage the starter. If the contacts are worn, the current that is required to spin the armature in the starter will not flow. The clicking sound could be the solenoid engaging. Often, after a few tries the contacts work enough to allow the current to flow and the car to start. Someone can have the starter checked before taking any action to repair or replace it.

What is the best way to remove the Toyota starter motor on a 1997 Corolla?

The starter motor is located under the intake manifold that is held in place to the bell housing by two bolts. The top bolt is on the bell housing side and the lower one on the engine side. First disconnect the battery and remove the air cleaner assembly to allow for easy access to the starter. Remove the top bolt first and then remove the electrical connectors from below. Remove the 12 millimeter (mm) bolt that connects the large cable from the battery and then remove the small solenoid connector. Now, the lower bolt can be removed. The starter may not come through the bottom of the engine bay and may have to be worked out through the top.

Why would the starter of a 2005 Toyota Yaris stay engaged and continue cranking for a few seconds after the ignition key is released?

When a Toyota starter remains engaged and grinds starting, this is a sign the contact points are sticking. If allowed to remain in this condition, the starter and wiring harness can burn up. The solution is to remove the starter and check the contact points in the solenoid and replace them if they are worn.

If the engine of a Toyota Corolla will not turn over unless a jumper pack is used, even though the battery has been tested and found to be in good condition; is this an engine issue?

The first thing someone would need to check is if the battery is supplying 12 volts to the starter. It can happen that a defective battery will show a good reading under test. Turn on the headlights and then try to start the car. If the lights go dim and the starter does not turn over, there is insufficient voltage and the battery may need replacement. The low voltage could also be caused by high resistance in one of the cables or the cable ends. If the power supply is not the problem, the starter motor will need to be checked.

Defective or unreliable starters should be attended to as soon as possible because if they fail, the car is stuck. A car’s starting problems can have many causes and finding out if the reason is a starter problem can take expert knowledge. Whether Toyota starter rebuild, repair or replacement is the right course of action can leave a car owner confused. The best thing to do then is to get information and answers from Experts who can identify the nature of the Toyota starter motor problem and suggest the best solution.
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