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Staph Infection in Dogs

What is staph infection in dogs?

Staphylococcus or better known as staph may be a bacteria, typically this could live alone in the environment. This may be very dangerous bacteria that could infect any breed or age of dog. This strand of bacteria may be passed from dog to dog and in some cases a dog may pass staph to a human. The staph infection may also live on the skin of a dog as a parasite or in the respiratory system of a dog. In some cases if a dog is not treated right away the dog could become very ill or even die.

What are the most common symptoms of staph infection in dogs?

In some cases where a dog is infected with staph a dog may have one or several different symptoms. These signs may be a reason to have a dog seen by a veterinarian; typically this disease may make a dog very sick. Some symptoms of staph infection may include but are not limited to. Sudden fever may appear Mild to severe pain Anorexia or the loss of appetite may be seen Sores on the skin may have discharge Inflammation around sores A dog may have severe itching In some cases a dog may have eye, ear, skin or respiratory infections. Some dogs may have toxic shock syndrome Bite wounds may become infected These may be some of the most common symptoms that a dog may suffer from when dealing with staph infection.

How is a dog staph infection treated?

Considering that staph infection is a bacterium then normally this may be treated with antibiotics. The dog may need to be seen by a veterinarian to have a skin swab. This may help determine what antibiotic may be best used to treat the staph infection. Some of the antibiotic medications may be given by mouth, and some may be administered by injection. Typically staph infection may need treatment for around 3 to 6 weeks. Usually the key to clearing up staph infection may be to stop the itching cycle; this may be done through medication or certain antibacterial shampoos and ointments. For more information regarding staph infection in dogs such as, is there a vaccine to prevent staph infection in dogs or can a dog lose skin from staph infection in dogs. Read below where an Expert has answered several questions pertaining to staph infection in dogs.

How is staph infection diagnosed and how does the vet know what medication to prescribe for treatment?

In some cases a vet may use a culture test or known as a sensitivity test. Usually this test would so exactly what type of infection a dog would be suffering from. There may the millions of different bacteria’s that a dog could be infected with. A culture test may also be what shows the vet to choose as a treatment for dogs. Typically this test may show the top 5 medications that could be used to treat the infection a dog has.

Could a low dose of Temaril-P cause a dog to have a low immune system and get staph infection?

It may be rare for a low dose of Temaril-P to cause a dog to be infected with staph infection. The reason for this may be that a low dose of Temaril-P may be used as an anti inflammatory verse the high dose being an immune suppressive dose. Staph infection may sound very frightening but could be something easy to treat or if could be very difficult. This may all depend on how soon the infection is caught and the age of the dog. Some older dogs may have trouble recovering from staph infection, while younger dogs bounce back from the infection quite quickly. Many owners may have question when hearing staph infection in dogs such as, will a dog always have staph infection virus in their body after one case or does staph infection in dogs require surgery. These questions and many others may be answered by an Expert.

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