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Stand Mixer Repair Questions

A stand mixer is similar to a hand held mixer where it is mounted on a stand which bears the weight down onto the device. In most cases, stand mixers are bigger and more powerful than hand held mixers. They also may have a large bowl or mixing container attached to the unit and locked in place for convenient mixing and usage. A typical home stand mixer would come with the following attachments, wire whip for whipping cream or egg whites, a flat beater for batter mixing and a dough hook for kneading purposes. These mixers are available as counter top models or floor models. Listed below are a few common questions that have been answered by the Experts on stand mixer repairs.

What could cause a stand mixer to be stuck in the down position?

It is very likely that it is jammed because it is caked with loose material. You could pour hot water over the mechanism which will help clear it up. To do this, you should ensure you have plenty of hot water to flow over the lock mechanism area. Specifically you should target the catch underneath the motor where the hinge and lock is located. Simultaneously you should try moving the handle around or up and down to see if this action dislodges it. If these actions don’t help, the internal catch of the system may have broken.

What could cause a stand up mixer that has not been used in a couple months to make a grinding sound and when on higher speeds, the motor slows down?

The facts to consider here are the unit was idle for a couple of months, the motor slows down on higher speeds and the unit was functioning fine when last used. What you can do is check the gear box which has grease in it. Due to less usage, the grease could have hardened or if it has cooled down it could have become very thick. This will make it difficult to turn the gears inside and cause more friction/resistance in the motor. Try letting the mixer run for 30 to 60 seconds to help in loosening the grease in the gear box. Consequently, this should take care of the grinding noise.

What could be the problem with a stand mixer that will only turn on when the beater switch is twisted?

It seems to be the capacitator which has failed rather than the motor. This is why when you turn on the beaters it operates. The capacitator could be on the outside of the motor or under a small metal flap or cover. Check for a small metal cover on the side or underneath any other part. It is small and round probably two inches in length with two wires attached to it. Find this part and replace it.

What could be the cause of a stand mixer to overheat and not come back on? Is there a reset button or another way to reset the mixer?

This unit does not have any reset or restart button option. Since your unit has overheated it is most likely there is a burnt connection somewhere within the unit. If the windings are fine or have not burned the damage may be less. It would probably be best to take it to a repair shop or a repairman to inspect the unit. If it is a case of a burnt wire, it can be easily repaired by you if you are mechanically inclined to do so.

Stand mixers are a very convenient appliance for people interested in cooking and baking. It provides a wide array of options you can use to achieve the desired results. Sometimes minor issues can crop up which can be resolved by you if you are confident of handling it. Major problems, unfamiliar noises, leakages should be brought to the attention of Experts who can guide with their insights and knowledge. This will allow you to make the right decision to tackle the problem immediately and effectively.
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