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Stacked Washer Dryer Problems

Contrasting the combo washer dryer, which is one machine performing the function of washing and drying, a stacked washer dryer consists of two different and separate machines – a washer and a dryer placed or “stacked” one over the other. These machines are a good alternative for large families who need the full capacity and functionality of a washer and dryer within a constrained living space. These machines are designed to generally be front loading appliances since it provides easier access as compared to top loading machines. Read below where many Experts have answered individual’s questions pertaining to stacked washer dryers.

Why does a Kenmore/Frigidaire stacked washer dryer model spin but not agitate?

First thing you need to ascertain is if the motor is actually turning or trying to turn the belt. Remove the two screws at the front panel and it will come off. Observe the motor to see if it is trying to turn. The belt and the large center pulley at the bottom of the transmission when turning should make the washer agitate. If this is not happening, your agitator has probably worn out and you are in need of a new one. Another possibility is a faulty transmission. To check this, try turning the pulley in both directions. If it turns in one direction but not the other, it indicates a faulty transmission. If the transmission is fine and the motor is not attempting to spin, it could be either a defective motor or timer. To determine which one is at fault, if the motor is completely inactive, replace the timer. If there is humming but no movement, replace the motor.

Why has a LG stacked washer and dryer become noisy and squeaky? The drying cycle also runs for hours if it is not stopped manually.

There a few possibilities causing the dryer to become noisy but the most likely reason would be the tension pulley. The other causes could be the motor or one of the drum support wheels. To check this you will need to remove the top panel, front panel, control panel as well as the angled panel between the dryer and washer. Next remove the drum and spin the wheels manually. The component which makes the noise is the one to replace. This may not be an easy repair since these units are not designed for easy access.

Is it possible to replace a defective washer with a new one on a Maytag Neptune stacked washer dryer unit where the dryer still operates fine?

The stacked washer dryer units are designed to work as one cohesive unit with some amount of shared electronics or configuration. If the washer is defective, the prospect of replacing it with a similar, new one onto the combined unit is slim. Hence you will need to opt for a new stack unit if you are looking to replace either the washer or dryer.

Why does a Maytag Neptune stacked washer dryer wash, rinse but not move to the “spin” cycle?

You will need to ascertain a few things to conclude what the issue is. First, whether the locked light is appearing when the washer should be spinning, if the tub is moving back and forth instead of spinning and the water is draining out. If the answer is yes to all of these statements, it signifies one of the out-of-balance switches has failed because the washer receives a signal that the tub is imbalanced and it does not proceed to the spin function. To confirm this try a cycle without clothes to check for spinning. If it does not, one of the out-of-balance switches need to be replaced. Usually it is the ball bearing switch mounted at the top of the washer tub. It is probably safer to call a Maytag serviceman to handle the repair since there are about five switches which can lead to this issue and it is difficult to test and confirm the problem since the switches could open for just a few seconds making the unit perceive it is out-of-balance.

Why don’t the dryer lights on an Affinity stacked washer dryer go off despite pressing the cancel button? At some points the lights display “ERR”. What is the issue?

This is a straightforward case of a short circuited display board. The possibility of this error occurring due to any other reason is negligible. You will need to order a new control board and replace it to address this issue.

Stacked washer dryers can be highly convenient and efficient appliances but when a problem occurs, it is difficult to narrow down the problem area as well as access it. Sometimes, if the washer were to malfunction, the entire unit may need to be replaced despite a functioning dryer and vice versa. To know more about the solutions for the stacked washer dryer issues faced by you, Experts can be very useful and informative.
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