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Stabilizer Repair

Stabilizers as the name suggests is a device or feature installed in an appliance primarily to stabilize it or regulate any energy input it could be receiving. For example a voltage stabilizer is meant to maintain a constant and steady output of power to the appliance it is attached to. A stabilizer in a washing machine is installed to balance the unit and prevent it from moving or shaking out of place thereby damaging any internal components.

Listed below are a few common questions answered by the Experts on stabilizer repair.

If an individual has replaced a broken stabilized but their front load washer will not fill or drain, what could be the problem?

The stabilizer breaking or getting worn out could have weakened the shaft and caused it to break leading to your issue. These stabilizers are built to absorb the load put in similar to the shocks on a car. If you were to be moving the washer for a short distance and packed it with dry laundry your drum would have been safe. But if it were moved over a long distance with improper packing the drum could have moved around and broken. Using stabilizer bolts in the holes at the back of the machine is also necessary.

What is the process to switch off the alarm on a chest freezer which is coming on randomly?

You will need to check a couple of things on your freezer to ascertain the issue. The light should turn on and off when you open the lid, the temperature reading of the freezer should be 0 degrees Fahrenheit or -17 degrees centigrade. If all this checks out fine, the problem could lie with the power supply to the chest freezer. Most likely the power is unstable with several electrical hindrance. Your control board can easily pick up these interferences and provide misleading readings. To resolve this issue, installing a power stabilizer would help provide a constant voltage supply of 120 volts. The alarm is being set off because of this and there is no method of deactivating it as it is part of the control board which operates the entire freezer.

My front loader has started making an unsettling rattling noise at the spin cycle sounding seriously unbalanced. Why could this be happening?

Given the details of your problem there could be two possible issues:
Broken shock absorber or stabilizer is loose. You can try moving it with your hands back and forth until you can see whether either one of the components is detached from the drum.
The spring or sleeve could be loose or broken.

Why is my GE Eterna washer making a squealing rubber noise from the left side during the agitation cycle?

It is quite common for the top support to bend and its tabs to rub against the base panel. To check, look under your unit at the motor to ensure the metal tabs are not rubbing on the base panel. You could try greasing each of the stabilizer bars where it attaches to the cabinet and to the tub.

My Maytag Performa washer is out of balance mainly during the spin cycle. What can I do to make it balance?

To try and get your unit to balance again you can try greasing or oiling the stabilizer assembly. The stabilizer assembly mainly consists of the stabilizer bar, two stabilizer brackets, two self stabilizing feet and two foot pins usually mounted at the top rear end of the base of the assembly. Ensure all these parts move freely. You can try greasing these parts as well as the pins on the feet and slide it back in place.

Stabilizers are a small part of a bigger appliance or device. Sometimes they could be a separate device meant to attach to another system. It functions to keep a control check on the voltage or provide a steady and stable foundation for the appliance to operate under. When you face problems with your appliance, to determine the issue lies with the stabilizer or if there is a need for a stabilizer can be tricky and complicated to an untrained eye. Common problems that may occur with it sometimes can be fixed by a layman with an idea of the mechanics behind it. To get a fair idea regarding the stabilizer issues and stabilizer repair, Experts can provide answer and solutions to many stabilizer problems.
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