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United States Social Security Administration (SSA)

What is Social Security Administration?

In the United States the Social Security Administration or SSA is an independent agency of the federal government that sends out the Social Security payments for retirement, disability, and survivor’s benefits. For an American to qualify for these benefits, the person would need to pay Social Security taxes out of their earnings. Future benefits are based on what the employee pays into the Social Security program. Read below where Experts have answered questions relating to the United States Social Security Administration.

When a person’s former spouse dies, will they be entitled to any survivor benefits under their military retirement benefits and/or to any benefits as a surviving former spouse under their social security?

In most cases the former souse will not be entitled to any survivor benefits in regards to the ex-spouse. The former spouse may be entitled to surviving former spouse benefits. In most cases the military does not provide survivor benefits unless the person signs up for the specialized life insurance plan that is called the Survivor Benefit Plan. This policy is not automatic to the military personnel, but is entirely elective and the person would need to sign up for the benefits and name the beneficiaries.

If a person was married to a career military officer for 10 years and then got divorced, would they be entitled to the Social Security benefits?

In most cases if the marriage lasted for 120 months or 10 years or more than the former spouse may be entitled to the Social Security Benefits. The person would have to meet the Social Security requirements to be eligible and would get the amount based on the ex’s Social Security records.

If a person’s parent was in the military and was ordered to pay child support and did not pay the child support, would the custodial parent have any rights to the former spouses military benefits or repayment or is there a time limit?

In most cases the former spouse would not be entitled to any payments from the military. If the parent that owed the child support was getting military benefits for the child, then he/she would owe the money for those benefits back to the military, not the former spouse. If the court has ordered the parent to pay the child support and the parent did not pay the child support the other parent can go to court and have the back child support be ordered to be paid. If the parent does not have the information for the other parent, then they can contact the Social Security Administration to get the other parents information to enforce the court ordered child support.

Are social security payments and military retirement payments exempt from garnishment in New Mexico and Tennessee? 

In the states of Tennessee and New Mexico, the payments that are made through Social Security Administration or military retirements are not generally exempt from any kind of garnishment. According to the federal laws, if a person is owed child support, then they can take the order for the child support down to the Social Security Office and show then the support order and they can then set up the garnishment to pay the child support. The same thing would apply to alimony if the person is ordered to pay the ex-spouse alimony.

The United States Social Security Administration is set in place to help disburse the money to the retired people or survivors that are eligible to receive the benefits from the SSA. When a person is trying to get the benefits or trying to establish if they are entitled to benefits, then the person may run across questions regarding what the requirements are to receive the benefits. The person would be able to get the information that they need by consulting an Expert.
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