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Mercedes Sprinter Problems

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans with its unique design and purpose can be quite useful and efficient. Mercedes Sprinter van problems can be diverse problems with sensors, brakes, lights, central locking and so on. In many instances it may be possible to troubleshoot the problem and address it yourself. Below are frequently asked questions on issues relating to Mercedes Benz Sprinter that have been answered by the Experts.

What does the “Check DEF” message imply on the Mercedes Sprinter?

The DEF systems are mainly meant for the emissions and it does not affect the performance of the engine of the Mercedes Sprinter. The “Check DEF” message signifies either a level sensor fault inside the DEF tank or the DEF computer has detected a fault with one of the injectors or tank heaters. However if the DEF problem is left unaddressed, the instrument cluster will eventually provide a warning. This warning will state there will be just 20 starts left and it begins a countdown each time the engine is started. Consequently engine problems may occur when the system finally prevents starting once it completely runs out of DEF.

If 16oz of water was accidentally added to the oil reservoir in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter what can be done to counteract this problem?

If the vehicle exhibited no issues or problems while being driven, it is possible that the damage is minimal. The actions which need to be taken to counteract this problem would be drain the oil and filter. Next an engine flush should be run through the system. After this if a new filter and oil are replaced, the issue should get resolved and should continue operating as normal.

What could cause a Mercedes Benz Sprinter to suddenly lose power/acceleration while driving?

If the power was lost suddenly along with no unusual noises or leaks, it could be an indication of failed engine electronics sensors or malfunction. Usually sensors such as the boost air or mass airflow sensor can produce similar symptoms. However to pinpoint exactly the fault area, the fault codes need to be checked using a diagnostic tool. Apart from this, the air piping under the hood should be checked for cracks or improper installation. The air filter needs to be examined for dirt contamination. The above Mercedes Sprinter problem can be accompanied with another interlinked shifter problem as well. In order to shift correctly, the transmission requires the correct engine torque value. If the power returns on restarting the engine, it can be presumed, that there is a problem with the electronics.

Why won’t the Mercedes Benz Sprinter start unless it is cranked several times and once started, the fuel pipes are full of bubbles?

The presence of air bubbles is evidence that the problem could be with the fuel pipes. The first thing to try would be to replace the fuel filters and inspect the filter housing for any signs of cracks. The filter seals should also be replaced with new ones. Apart from this, there could be an air leak at the fuel supply pipe from the tank to the engine. Since the engine does not possess a separate lift pump, it is dependent on the one that is built-in in the injection pump. In case a leak has developed at the fuel suction pipe, air can enter the system and air lock the pump. Hence the fuel should be pumped out using a hand pump in the engine bay at the filter housing. Next each injector pipe should be loosened while cranking the engine, while a helper operates the primer. This helps expel air from the injection allowing the engine to fire. To cure this issue, the supply pipe should be inspected along its length for any leakage and repaired if found. By dabbing the pipe joints with heavy grease, if the problem disappears, the grease should be wiped individually to isolate the problematic joint.

As seen above, many Mercedes Sprinter problems could be related to different components. I It may take a series of elimination steps to arrive at a diagnosis. On many occasions fault codes read from the Star diagnostic tool can provide a great deal of information with regard to the problem. To interpret, understand or obtain second opinions, Experts can be the right choice. They can provide insights and information in a timely and reasonable manner.
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