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Mercedes Sprinter Related Questions

Will mixing gas with diesel protect the engine of a Mercedes Sprinter? What should be done if the DEF warning light is on in a Mercedes Sprinter? Keeping your Mercedes Sprinter in good condition depends on being able to access information on problems and repairs. The guidance of Experts will tell you what you need to know to overcome your problems. Read below for questions regarding the Mercedes Sprinter answered by Experts.

What should be done if, after a jump start, the radio on a Mercedes Sprinter 2500 stops working?

Radio issues after a jump or the battery being disconnected are not uncommon. Although unlikely, the power and ground to the radio should be checked. If no problem is found, then the issue is probably an internal one and the radio should be taken to a car audio specialist to find the exact fault.

Will topping up DEF on a 2013 Mercedes Sprinter, with 4,000 miles on it, clear the DEF and Check Engine lights?

In most cases, topping up the DEF fluid will cause the DEF warning light to go off. The Check Engine light may not go off immediately – it often takes a few drive cycles to clear. If the light remains on there could be another problem and the vehicle should be scanned and the fault codes retrieved.

What are the DEF fluid specifications on a 2013 Mercedes Sprinter?

Most brands of fluid are fine as long as the bottle says it meets or exceeds ISP 22241.

How to clear the tire pressure warning light on a 2013 Mercedes Sprinter after they were inflated to the correct pressure?

Normally, the tire pressure monitor on this vehicle detects new reference values automatically. If this has not happened, the values can be defined manually. To do this set the tire pressure to the value given on the Tire Loading Information placard or the tire pressure table on the driver’s side B pillar. Ensure that the pressure is correct on all four wheels. If the vehicle has steering wheel buttons:

  • Turn the ignition key to position 2.
  • Press the Scroll Forward or Scroll Back button repeatedly until the standard display appears.
  • Press the Up or Down button until the current pressure of the individual tires is displayed or a “Tire press displayed after driving for several minutes” message appears.
  • Press the reset button on the instrument cluster.
  • A “Monitor current tire pressure?” message should appear.
  • Press the Plus button on the steering wheel.
  • When a “Tire pressure monitor reactivated” message appears, the activation process has begun and unless the pressure is wrong, the new reference values are stored.

If the vehicle does not have steering wheel buttons:

  • Turn the ignition key to position 2.
  • Press the Menu (M) button on the instrument cluster repeatedly until  “+CAL – TPMS” appears.
  • Press the Plus button on the instrument cluster.
  • “OK TPMS” should be displayed.
  • The activation process has begun and unless the pressure is wrong, the new reference values are stored.

Why does a 2008 Mercedes Sprinter 3500 V6 Diesel have no power until the engine reaches 2,000 RPM and the turbo kicks in after which performance is normal?

There are three common causes for this lack of power at low RPMs. The mass air flow sensor may be giving an incorrect reading at low speeds or when the air flow is low in which case the sensor may need replacement. The turbo boost hose at the bottom of the cooler may be loose or leaking and may need to be replaced or tightened. The turbo boost sensor may be faulty and in need of replacement.

Is it correct that occasionally adding a small amount of gas to the diesel will keep the cylinders of a Mercedes Sprinter Diesel free of carbon and improve performance?

Mixing gasoline with Diesel will not clean the carbon from the cylinders. In fact, the incomplete burning of the fuel will cause an increased carbon build up. Mercedes discourages adding gas or any type of additive to the fuel.

What causes intermittent starting problems on a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter 3500?

Case Details: Replacing the camshaft position sensor and the PCM have made no difference. Fuel supply is okay.

There are multiple reasons why this could occur:

  • The glow plugs may be the cause. The relay should be checked to see if it clicks when the ignition is turned on. The fuse and engine earth strap should also be checked.
  • If the vehicle has done over 20,000 miles the glow plugs may be worn and need replacement.
  • The crankshaft sensor may be defective, the contacts broken or corroded or the wiring faulty.
  • The EGR valve may be stuck open.
  • If an injector is leaking fuel through the over spill pipe, there will not be enough fuel pressure for the ECU to fire the injectors.
  • There may be an air leak in the fuel supply pipe from the tank to the engine.
  • A partially blocked fuel filter can result in low fuel pressure and cause the main pump to choke.

Is it safe to continue driving a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter when the Check Engine light is on and a “DEF Heater failure” code has been retrieved?

The heater is required to keep the DEF from freezing. If the vehicle is being driven in warm temperatures where freezing is not an issue, the repair can be postponed until the next service.

Not all shops or mechanics are knowledgeable enough about the Mercedes Sprinter to make an accurate diagnosis of the problems that occur and do the correct repairs. The way to be sure that the problem has been correctly understood and the right repairs are being done is to obtain the opinions of Experts. Verified mechanical Experts are readily available to assist you day and night with all your questions and concerns regarding the Mercedes Sprinter and more. 

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