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Sprint Cell Phone Problems

Sprint is a United States telecommunications holding company that provides wireless and major global internet to its customers. Being one the three largest wireless providers it serves more than 64 million customers. This company has roots back to 1899 to Brown Telephone Company and started in Kansas. Not only does it rely on its brand name for profit, it is also part of the prepay subsidiaries with the brand names Boost and Virgin mobile. Sprint problems or questions can arise from time to time. These problems can have an individual looking for answers. Turning to the Experts is a way to resolve these problems and gain answers to questions. To read about more Sprint problems, below are a few questions answered by Experts.

How can photos from an old Sanyo Sprint cell phone be transferred? This Sprint cell phone (model PM-8200) is no longer being used.

In order to remove the photos from the Sprint cell phone, a data cable may be required along with driver software. In case you do not have the cable and software, it can be purchased by clicking on the following link: data cable link.

Once the cable is obtained, it should be used to connect the Sprint cell phone to the computer with the accompanying software installed. Once connected the computer recognizes the Sprint phone as an external device/drive. Navigate to “My Computer” and locate the folder which contains the pictures from the Sprint phone. From here they can be transferred to the desktop or another location on the computer.

Why is the Admiral Sprint cell phone displaying a black screen with “Fastmode” mentioned at the top of the screen? Removing and reinserting the battery has not helped.

In such a situation, the battery should be removed and you should wait for at least three minutes before reinserting it. Once it is inserted, the “Volume Up” and “Power” keys should be pressed for six seconds, after which only the “Power” button should be released. If the problem persists, the following steps of a factory reset can be attempted:

1. The Sprint cell phone should be powered down

2. Next the “R” and “M” keys can be pressed and held while the “Power” button is being pressed. A red “M” logo should appear on the screen with the Android figure along with a blue exclamation mark contained inside a white triangle

3. When this screen appears, the “Volume Up” and “Down” keys should be pressed simultaneously and released only when the Sprint phone goes into Android system recovery mode.

In the event the above actions do not help, most probably the internal memory is defective, generally caused due to corrupt firmware. The fact that the main recovery window is not opening up, indicates the memory could have shorted out leading to the Sprint cell phone stalling. With such a Sprint problem, the phone would need to be replaced. If it is covered under warranty the replacement can happen free of cost.

How can Sprint cell phone – Samsung Intrepid SPH-i350 be used on an AT&T network?

Normally Sprint cell phones use a combination of CDMA and iDen networks. Despite iDen using SIM cards, they are not compatible with the AT&T GSM network. Hence it may not be possible to use a Sprint, Nextel or Verizon phone with either AT&T or T-Mobile network. Users could opt to sell the Sprint cell phone and buy another AT&T phone.

If looking to unlock the GSM portion it may be possible since this phone is global but the process can be tricky. From settings and choose “GSM only”. It should prompt for “SPL”. This is the code to program the MSID and MDN number on the phone. If it is unlocked it could be used with any GSM carrier. The MDN should be connected to the Sprint phone number. In case the Sprint cell phone number is not active, the information need not be entered. Additionally an MSL code from Sprint would need to be entered. The path to this is “Windows Key > Settings > Personal > Phone”, then select the "Security"" tab. Here there is a button named “Sim Lock”. Clicking this button and entering the MSL, should unlock the Sprint cell phone.

Can an LG Sprint cell phone be unlocked to use on a Verizon network?

Sprint cell phones are essentially CDMA devices which are phones that do not require SIM cards to operate. If looking at having it work on another carrier such as Cricket, Boost or Verizon, the Sprint cell phone would need to be taken to that particular carrier to be “flashed”. This needs to be done by the carrier since the hardware and software used to flash the phone is not available to public and is illegal to obtain as well. It should be noted that most authorized service centers will not entertain such requests hence one would need to approach a local cell phone or computer store.

Sprint cell phones are well known phones. When faced with Sprint problems or issues, it can be quite inconvenient and troublesome. Sprint troubleshooting and Sprint repair options may be required. Hence the answer to a particular Sprint issue can be obtained from Experts, quickly and reasonably.
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