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Sprinkler System Problems

A sprinkler is a device/tool which is convenient for irrigation of lawns, crops or landscape. By a mere turn of a valve, the sprinkler could be used to water the grass and other shrubs around. One needs to install different sprinkler heads in different zones depending on the size of the plants and area to be watered, as different heads sprinkle different amounts of water. Sprinklers need to be turned on during the day to check for broken, clogged or misaligned heads. If it is not used correctly, it could result in of large amount of water waste.

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What could be the problem with a Toro vision 2 sprinkler system, if the sprinkler heads do not come out of the ground when operated manually?

The problem is with the solenoid actuator. Each solenoid should be at 24 volts DC which could be checked using a multi-meter. Absence of voltage when the station is activated confirms that the transformer is not functional or there is a disconnection with the wires.

What could be the problem if the last valve in a 24v sprinkler system with 5 zones has stopped working?

This may be due to a partially broken lead to the valve or could also be a bad connection. In most cases this happens on account of mice or voles that chew on the wires through the insulation. To fix this, it is best to run a new low voltage feed to the valve.

Does the water need to be turned on before programming the sprinkler system back to “AUTO”?

The water does need to be turned on before activating the controller on the sprinkler system. Ensuring that the shut off valve levers are in line with the pipe is also necessary to enable the water to flow. When the shut off valve levers are perpendicular to the pipe, the water line is shut off from the main supply.

In a sprinkler system, is there scope for bacteria to enter the system and enter the main potable lines of the house?

The water coming out of a sprinkler moves away from the house and hence only fresh water purges the lines when the sprinkler is turned on. There could be a situation when the water from the sprinkler could get into the house. In such a situation, it is best to get a back-flow preventer installed. An approved double check back-flow prevention device is installed in many utilities as required by law.

How much damage can be expected to the lawn during installation of a sprinkler system?

During installation of a sprinkler system, one cannot refrain from digging the lawn. The likelihood of damage depends upon the way the turf is established along with the condition of the soil. Only limited portions of the lawn would require to be repaired if the installation is done in a cautious manner. Care should be taken to use machinery that minimizes turf damage during installation. Attempting to preserve the sod while running the irrigation lines would consume time but it would reflect the quality of an efficient contractor. A diligent and dedicated contractor, however, would attempt to restore the lawn to its original state after the installation. The lawn could be restored back within a few months.

Proper watering techniques are essential to ensure the right quantity of water at proper intervals is distributed to various crops, plants or even landscape. Water from a sprinkler is similar to rainfall which helps in spreading the water uniformly. Fertilizers added to the water could be used to reach the root zone directly with the help of these sprinklers. Usage of sprinklers could also affect crops as they are prone to diseases on account of the moist environment. Impurities and sediments in the water could also damage the system. Along with the advantages from using sprinklers, there are a whole lot of limitations that go with its usage.

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